Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island DLC Review

Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island DLC Review

Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island

What a lovely and unexpected surprise, Super Lucky’s Tale received new DLC. This colorful platforming game was a personal highlight for me last year so I was really happy with this news about new content. Excited as I was I jumped into the foxhole to bring you our review for Gilly Island! 

Be sure to read our review for the base game too, click here for the Super Lucky’s Tale review, scoring 8/10!

What’s new in this DLC?

  • One hell of a catchy song
  • Five new levels (including a boss fight)
  • A new tropical island level hub, with a few secret Achievement tasks.
  • New and harder Sliding Block Puzzles
  • 500 Gamerscore

    >> For this you pay a launch price of €5

Why should you buy it?

  • More of the same as the base game. This DLC doesn’t add new powers or abilities, so if you liked Super Lucky than buying this DLC is an absolute no brainer. I’m not sure if developer Playful made this before or after release but level design is remarkable better. It seems that they really used the feedback and made Gilly Island for fans.  (The alarm clock challenges are a good example, they now respawn when failed)
  • This was a good thing about Super Lucky’s Tale in general, the sound and music is fantastic. The DLC has an awesome earworm song from enemy Meowmalade, I swear you will have it in your head for 395 months! That said, sound sometimes randomly disappears though, going to dashboard and back to the game solves it.  The ambient noise is charming and totally fits the cute visuals.
  • Not only the level design is better, the gameplay is a lot more fun and varied too. Each level has a specific Achievement challenge too, giving a little bit more reward for exploring everything.

Reasons to ignore it?

  • Not really a reason not to buy it but I was a little disappointed to see the return from the Sliding Block Puzzles, they are really fun but I was hoping to see something more suitable for the Gilly Island setting and to be honest, something entirely new.

Verdict: BUY | Gilly Island is an absolute must buy if you loved Super Lucky’s Tale, the DLC seems much more polished too. If this sets the standard for (hopefully) a sequel than we are really in for a treat.