Submerged Review

This game had me fooled since day one, I thought it was a masterpiece in the making but I couldn’t be more wrong.

— A water catastrophe

Sometimes a game concept is enough to have an awesome game, Submerged is one of those games that immediately catches your eye for it’s visual presentation. Screenshots and trailers sold the game for many gamers but what follows is a huge disappointment.   The start is insanely promising, but the moment you take control of Miku it’s all gone. First thing I noticed is the bad frame rate and multiple weird graphical errors. Don’t believe those stunning screenshots because it’s trying to sell a dream. While playing for 10-15 minutes you kinda know what’s coming next for 3-4 hours… a boring game that could have been so much better. Driving the boat and climbing with Miku is the only thing you’ll do in Submerged, those two gameplay part in the game are even messed up with bad controls and bad level design. The only two positive things worth mentioning for Submerged are the beautiful soundtrack and the willingness from the developer to do a combat-free game with no violence.


  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • Day & night cycle with different weather
  • Game concept


  • Frame rate, I don’t understand that a developer launches a game with such a bad frame rate.
  • Boring gameplay-parts
  • Story starts great but waters down fast
  • Graphical errors, trees growing on nothing, animals flying in buildings, etc..
  • $20 for a very short game (1-2 hours, 4-5 with collectibles)

Score: 42/100


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