Special Coverage | BRAZIL’S INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL 2021 – pt. 8

Special Coverage | BRAZIL’S INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL 2021 – pt. 8

We are already halfway there! After knowing games running for Best Art, Best Sound, Best Gameplay, Best Narrative, Best Multiplayer, and Best XR/VR, it’s time to discover titles running for two more categories in BIG Festival 2021.

Bring your kids because today’s article is focused on them.

Best BIG Brands Games

Amazon Prime Video World

Amazon Prime Video World, from the Brazilian studio Webcore Games (@webcoregames)

Developed for Amazon Prime Video for CCXP World 2020, the game is a treasure hunt where you will look for ten easter eggs in 7 different levels based on shows of the platform: American Gods, The Boys, Hanna, Hunters, The Expanse, Carnival Row, and Good Omens.

You can freely play the game on the link.

Arsenal Football Freestyle

Arsenal Football Freestyle, from the Brazilian studio Hermit Crab Game Studio (As I couldn’t find their Twitter, you can see more about their work in their Instagram)

Create your character and become a legend of ball juggling, doing tricks alongside Arsenal star players like Aubameyang, Leno, Saka, and David Luiz. Win challenges to unlock new tricks and items for customization while playing mini-games in London iconic places such as the Emirates Stadium.

You can find the game at the link, where you can download and install it on your cellphone or tablet.

Cartoon Network Golf Stars

Cartoon Network Golf Stars, from the Argentinean studio Avix Games (@AvixGames)

How about playing some golf matches with your favorite Cartoon Network character? Counting with characters from the Power Puff Girls, Steven Universe, Ben 10, Adventure Time, and many more, Cartoon Network Golf Stars was elected the Best Game from BIG Brands. Congratulations to the Avix Games team!

The game was developed for iOS and Android, where you can download it for free.


Develobears, from the Argentinean studio Avix Games (@AvixGames)

Did I mention that Avix Games was running for Best Game from BIG Brands with two different games? In this game developed to Cartoon Network channel, the Bears from the show We Bare Bears started developing a game after fame and fortune. You will help them in the process, selecting music, sound effects, design sprites, testing the game, and more. As you help them, you will unlock new resources as the studio constantly evolves.

You can freely play the game at the link.

Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot, from the Brazilian studio PushStart (@pushstartstudio)

Shoot Your Shot was developed to promote the 2019 NBA Finals between Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors at the US sports channel Bleacher Report. In this game, players must score throws avoiding the adversary block, and use powerups to perform dunks. The game offers various customization options for your avatar, different throwing dynamics, and bonus stages across San Francisco and Toronto.

Whenever your boss isn’t in the room, you can play the game at the link.

And that’s it for the games developed for BIG Brands presented at BIG Festival 2021.

Now, for our following list…

Best Game for Children

Escoteiros Espaciais

Escoteiros Espaciais, from the Brazilian studio Game’s Guild

Portuguese for Space Boy Scout, this cute game developed by Game’s Guild aims to teach children the Brazilian Sign Language through mini-games.

The game is available for PC (through itch.io) and Android. Although totally in Portuguese, you can know more about the game through those links.

Escoteiros Espaciais was also running for BIG Impact: Best Educational Game.

Raccoo Venture

Raccoo Venture, from the Brazilian developer Diego Ras (@DiegoDsn)

If you are a fan of Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee, or Super Lucky’s Tale, you better keep your eyes open for this title! Raccoo Venture is a beautiful 3D platformer where you play as a brave raccoon who is the last heir of the Power of the Guardians, lineage who have protected the Sacred Relic for uncountable years, keeping the harmony in the world of Verta. But now it’s been stolen, the whole world is in great peril, and only our little friend here can restore the peace.

The game is available on Steam in Early Access. I really, really, really want to see it available on all platforms!

Truth and Tales

Truth and Tales, from the Brazilian studio Explot (with no Twitter handler, I’m afraid. You can know more about the studio through their Instagram)

Truth and Tales is an app with interactive stories, audiobooks, and, soon, yoga training for kids between 5 and 11 years old. Its stories are based on millennial teaching stories of different cultures. The app also comes with karaoke that helps in alphabetization and, in the future, will also have a gaming space to support children’s cognitive development.

The game is available for iOS and Android.

UAU Animal: Esconde-esconde

UAU Animal: Esconde-esconde, from the Brazilian studio PushStart (@pushstartstudio)

First of all, UAU Animal is a Brazilian educational channel for kids between 0 and 6 years. In this game, you will help the UAU Animal gang to find 15 animals hidden throughout the world in a hide-and-seek game! After finding each one, you can play with them in their habitats and take pictures to save in a scrapbook.

The game is available on Android for free.

Vamos Brincar de Cozinhar

Vamos Brincar de Cozinhar, from the Brazilian studio Akom Studio (@akomstudio)

And finally the winner of Best Game for Children! Congrats to Akom Studio Team!

With characters and elements from Turma da Monica® (AKA Monica’s Gang in the US), Vamos Brincar de Cozinhar (Portuguese for Let’s Play Cooking) is a game where you will prepare snacks for our beloved all-day muncher Magali. Make juices, desserts, and all sorts of dishes your imagination allow and see what our little Magali likes or not. And if you want to bring the play to the real world, the game comes with a recipe book so kids can prepare these dishes alongside their parents.

Vamos Brincar de Cozinhar is available for Android.

Ok, time to call it a day.

More games from the BIG Festival in our next article.

See you soon!