Skyling: Garden Defense review

Skyling is a basic but fun game that everyone can play, you only have two tasks, turn every square green and survive while exiting the level.  Let’s take a look at the good and bad points from the game, in this Skyling: Garden Defense review.


  • You can compare the gameplay  with Pac-Man but more demanding. You really need to keep an eye on enemy movement and learn different tactics to counter them.
  • You have 30 different levels and you can play them whenever you want.
  • It looks a little dated but the cute graphics work for the game.( I do have to add that it looked a little fuzzy though, so don’t expect a clear HD resolution.)
  • Low enough price for it’s content, especially for gamers that want to play something for five or ten minutes.


  • While the controls are easy, move with the left joystick and A to pick things up, things get annoying. You have a slight delay and I got killed multiple times because my move didn’t get registered. It’s very weird that Mighty Studios didn’t take some extra time making the controls a smooth experience for console gamers.
  • No leaderboards, would have been cool to see the scores from your friends.

Score: 59%| I honestly don’t mind when a developer brings a mobile game for Xbox One, we already have a few good examples on why that’s a good thing. Skyling could have been on a list with great examples but it fails doing that because the controls are simply unresponsive. It’s a real shame because everything else is above average, and can provide gamers with a fun experience.