Paranautical Activity review


Paranautical Activity, hearing the name makes you instantly curious about playing the game. While the graphics and roguelike gameplay won’t be for everyone, it has a specific charm that I really appreciate.


  • Moving from one random  room to another is really satisfying, you never know what to expect and that gives you that unwrapping a gift feeling.
  • Floating whales and weird looking devils, the enemy design and variation is well done. Especially the bosses have a scary and impressive look.
  • The soundtrack gets your blood pumped and fits perfectly with the action on screen.
  • Four starting characters. Each with different stats and weapons, making sure that every character plays differently.
  • Getting to know each and every powerup is a fun experience. After a while you know what you should take or avoid at all cost.


  • Most of the time the game is too dark, a few more light sources would have been nice.
  • I absolutely hated the complete darkness level, what an unfair and annoying random event.
  • Not all weapons are useful and fun to use.
  • Some kind of story or explained reason why things happen would have been welcome


Score: 72% | Over the past months we had a  few roguelike games on Xbox One, while Paranautical Activity  doesn’t bring anything original, it is a fun and challenging game. It has a few flaws but nothing major, so it’s surely a worthy purchase if you love the genre.