Short review: Word Sudoku by POWGI

Short review: Word Sudoku by POWGI

The time that I went to the store to buy a physical Sudoku puzzle or fill in the puzzle section from a newspaper sounds like a prehistoric time. Lightwood Games brings this experience to Xbox One, perfect for sudoku and puzzle fans. There is a twist though, in Word Sudoku by POWGI the numbers are changed to letters that you place in the typical Sudoku grid. Perfect for a challenging or relaxing evening, depending on the selected difficulty.

Just so you know, with the switch of a menu button you can change the letters back to a number mode. Things are a bit more complex and challenging with letters but that’s part of the fun, I was a bit rusty so even on the beginner difficulty I was regularly scratching my head. In Belgium, sudoku puzzle books have a difficulty guide with stars. I normally fill in three stars quite easily so I didn’t immediately expect to struggle on the easiest difficulty. Gradually my brain got more used to the letters and things got a bit more comfortable, so be sure to give it time if you decide to buy it. You get enough content for your money as Word Sudoku by POWGI has 300 puzzles for you to solve.

Before starting the game I was a bit worried about how they would do the controls, similar games often fail to give accurate movement but with this game, it was a smooth and fun experience. You pick up a letter with A or erase a mistake with B. It sounds easy when you read it and in practice, it’s even easier. Visually it might seem a bit dull, there is nothing sparkly or eye-inviting but it would be wrong to expect that from this kind of game. I did turn off the music after my first solved puzzle as this was quickly becoming very repetitive.