Preview: Cartridge Defense

Preview: Cartridge Defense

Cartridge Defense is (as you might have guessed) a tower defense game by Outgaming. But it’s a tower defense game AND a card game. Yes, you read that right. It’s in Early Access right now and is planned to release in about a year. You can get it right now on Steam, but should you?

About the game so far

This game starts off as really simple but it keeps adding new stuff until you reach the full game. As said before, Cartridge Defence is a Tower Defense AND a card game. You make your own deck or pick a premade one. You start with 4 cards and you pick which ones you want to trade in for new ones. Then you get one card each round, there are 287 cards and they are promising more and more will come!  With those cards, you spawn towers, like flamethrowers (my favourites) upgrades, special abilities and more. With so many options, this game can really keep you busy for a while. 30 unique levels offering about 25 – 30 hours! With a lot of replayability because of the different decks that you can make. The game looks very good already. Yet, Outgaming promises better visuals as well as new game modes, cards, tower balancing, artwork, items, and targeting systems. Yes, targeting systems. You can set your towers to target: lowest health or most armor for example. And like all Tower defense games, you can upgrade your towers as well. It doesn’t make them look different at the time of me playing this but that might still change. Also had to add that you can zoom in so you get an awesome look of the battlefield.

Show your talent

You can post the cards that you designed yourself on the forums! They are open to ideas and you might even see your very own card in the game!


I think, keeping in mind it’s Early Access, this game deserves all the credit it’s getting. It was my first time playing a card-based tower defense and it blew my mind. I love all the options I get in cards and the style of the game is beautiful even if it’s not finished.

If you like Card games and Tower defense games, this is a no brainer. Buy it! If you think by reading this preview that you will like the game, I recommend buying it in Early Access in order to, of course, help the game with feedback, and get a better price since they say they might increase the price at full release. If this is your first Tower defense/ card game, however, you need to ask yourself: do I mind slower gameplay? More strategy and do I mind them still changing everything? If you do mind this, maybe wait till full release. But keep an eye on our site for the review of course.