Short Review: Vasilis

Short Review: Vasilis

If salad fingers ever would create a videogame? Then Vasilis would most certainly be one of his creations. With sketches and scribbles, Vasilis draws you in with a very tempting trailer. But don’t let its looks fool you. Because beneath everything there’s a whole … cacophony of things happening. Developed by Marginal Act, Vasilis puts you in the body of, well… Vasilis. She‘s in search of Peter, her husband. He‘s gotten himself lost in a city that’s filled with all sorts of weirdness. It’s your task to find and bring him back home. Will you find him? Or will something happen… Let’s find out here in… Vasilis.

Vasilis is in all accounts a f*cking weird game.
Its art is something that I couldn’t stand to look at for long periods. With weird flashes and twitches, you’ll move through the city‘s streets and buildings. This 2D game looked very promising, but its execution is left wanting… A lot. I truly and deeply couldn’t find a heart to play this game longer than I should because everything just left me feeling physically unwell. The dialog could have been worse, so I won’t gripe on it too much.

The game ‘s movement is very wonky as well. If you’ve ever played the recent Five nights games, you’ll know the in between scenes where you are left wandering on the mini games. Up down left right … Well, Vasilis offers this to you as well. Except, way worse. At times I got stuck on, I guess, a rogue pixel. And I had to do the wiggle and wobble dance to get the old girl to move.

In its premise, Vasilis does have everything going for it, its got a creepy/mysterious atmosphere. Its got the weird animations and graphics that would make you go, ew… I want more though, and the story is intriguing. Yet the entire execution is done so poorly, it just makes this game not enjoyable, like, at all… To play!



Marginal Act really had everything going for them, but somewhere down the line, they lost their track and just came up with … This. With graphics that are hand-drawn, they really could’ve made a game that drew you in with its emotion and atmosphere. However, somehow they ended up with this… Thing. I truly hope they learn from their mistakes here and fire all cylinders for their next game because they DO have some promise!