Review: Worm Jazz

Review: Worm Jazz

Do you want to feel smart? Do you like jazz? And do you like…worms? Haha, you might not say yes to that last question, but this game managed to make a worm cute. Worm Jazz, made and published by Inconspicuous Creations, is THE new game if you love to solve puzzles! It has grid-based movement, so you have to count it all beforehand. Is this something that sounds nice to you? Please continue your reading!

What we liked!

  • Casual but hard: Worm Jazz is a casual puzzle game, but you can make it hard if you like. It takes away from the game Snake and Bomberman. On every level, there is an amount of food to collect. You need a special amount to activate your golden apple that ends the game. In some games, that amount is equal, but it is harder to get them all and win in some. For example, you can do your first run-through very casual and complete the level when you can. And then come back when you ended the game! Or you can be a godlike gamer and complete everything before continuing! It’s all up to you.
  • Jazzzz: Guess you didn’t expect them to actually do it with such a name huh. Yup, they did! There is jazz at every level. However, it will change a tad every time you enter a new map, which keeps it fresh. I enjoyed this music. It doesn’t bother you when you are thinking. And I had to do a lot of that because I usually don’t play these kinds of games. So maybe they should have given me a snail instead of a worm.
  • Slow? No problem: I loved that there are no restrictions in this game. There is no clock ticking in the corner, killing you when it gets to zero. You can redo your last move by pressing a button. You can die, or reset the whole level, an unlimited amount of times! I used this a lot, just miscounted, or didn’t feel like actually counting and just went for it. You can just take it easy with this game, enjoy the music, and if you make a mistake, you can just undo it. It’s just perfect for a casual puzzle game.
  • Collecting: You can collect hats for your little worm! The further you get, the more hats you will collect. For example, a top hat or Santa hat. I love this, even though the design is quite simple, you can customize your little worm a little bit. It’s not much but its still a great addition to the game. If you like collecting, you can also collect all the achievements in the game!

Somewhere between

  • WORMholes??: It’s a casual game; it has worms… You wiggle your way through the level to get that Golden Apple. Seems simple right? Well… there are wormholes! This makes for such adequate levels. And if you think they only put one of those in a level, think again. How about six or seven! Yes, it makes it more challenging, but it’s hella worth the feeling that I just went through six wormholes and completed a level. I am a freaking genius! For me, at least. If you aren’t the best puzzler and hate for a level to take long, this might not be the game.

What we disliked

  • For a casual puzzle game, I didn’t miss anything. I loved it. I couldn’t find anything!