Short review: Ultimate MMA

An MMA, or mixed martial art, fighting game for PC? Apparently, it didn’t exist before. Until indie developer Anton Pushkarev released Ultimate MMA earlier this year. This usually isn’t my type of game at all, but I’m always open to new experiences so I decided to try this one out.

I am going to be totally honest here: I looked up what exactly MMA is first and did a little research. I didn’t feel like I could judge a game if I didn’t even know what kind of fighting I was going to be doing. Apparently, MMA involves a lot of ground fighting and grappling. Funny thing is, Ultimate MMA doesn’t offer any grappling? This felt a little weird since the title of this game suggests you get a big ass MMA experience. Other than this flaw, the fighting felt unreal and the very simple graphics didn’t help with that either. My fighter sometimes went down, falling into a position that isn’t humanly possible seeing as we have, you know, bones. Besides this, my controller didn’t seem to connect very well, even though I’ve never had problems with that. Somehow the blocking didn’t work for me either, which was quite annoying. Now, for the positive. You can customize your character thoroughly. Since I enjoy creating characters and usually spend a lot of time on this, I liked this part very much. You can even give your fighter various tattoos, how sick!