Short Review: Seven Doors

Short Review: Seven Doors

I started writing a full review, only to realize that I would spoil too much if I wrote an elaborate review. So, instead, I switched to writing a short review of Seven Doors. I feel like this won’t reveal too much of this puzzle game, and since I personally enjoyed the surprise of finding out what’s behind every door, I want to keep it interesting for you as well. Let me tell you a little more about Seven Doors by Indigo Studios!

“Seven atmospheres, seven challenges, seven solutions. Will you reach the seventh door?” In Seven Doors, you go through seven rooms and solve puzzles. These puzzles vary from a riddle to a dangerous situation, to a… chess game? Let me start off by saying I really enjoyed playing this game. The first room wasn’t really my thing, but the second room really caught my attention (spoiler: it’s the one with riddles and I love riddles). I won’t go in-depth about the different types of rooms, or what exactly you have to do, because, as I mentioned above, I want you to have the surprise of entering a new room and not knowing what to expect.

Anyway, the game duration varies from player to player I think. Some will finish in an hour, others will maybe take three hours to get to the last room. One thing is for sure: the rooms will challenge your mind. Not all rooms are equally interesting like I got through the fifth room in less than a minute, but rooms three and four took me more than a few tries. At the end of the game, a voice explains what skills you have used in the different rooms, and I did enjoy that as well.

The graphics aren’t great but I honestly didn’t mind at all because you’re too focused on solving the puzzle that’s in front of you. The soundtrack, however, was suiting and fitted into the gameplay. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I would pay 6 Euros myself for such a short game that has no replay value.



Seven Doors is a short, but fun game. If you enjoy puzzling, I’d definitely recommend trying out this one. The only demerit is the price. 6 Euros isn’t a lot, but for a game that will only last 3 hours (and for some only an hour), it seems a bit much. The game has zero replay value since the puzzles don’t change when you play again. Unless you suffer from amnesia or something similar, you’re done after one playthrough.