Short Review: Rift Keeper

Short Review: Rift Keeper

We all know how it feels to play a procedurally generated dungeon crawler. It can suck, or it can be really good. In rift keeper ‘s case? It’s actually pretty well done! With smooth gameplay and a good soundtrack? It will do its best to conquer your soul! So, ready to find out a bit more? Then read on in this short review of Rift Keeper!

As said, the game is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler. Each time that you die? A new dungeon will be created for you. Completed a level? A new one is created as well. Though it might sometimes look like it repeats itself for some weird reason. Since there are more than enough tilesets it seems for it to choose from. In the category gameplay? Rift Keeper won’t disappoint as well! It runs smooth and combat is extremely fluid. The enemy types are varied as well and take their own approach. You can actually complete a run without getting hit once if you learn their patterns. Then there’s the RNG department. During your playthrough, you’ll find artifacts. These can be traded in for random loot drops. They also tend to give you items that can’t be bought. And here is where the game kinda breaks. On my 2nd run, I actually lucked out that my first 3 rolls were all legendary items! Essentially making it possible for me to melt all of my enemies. The soundtrack is superb as well. With nice adrenaline pumping tunes, it’ll do its best to get you in that zone where you just feel like an absolute badass!



Rift Keeper is truly a great dungeon crawler. Sometimes You? I’ve played a few of your games already which you either published or co-produced. And yet again you come to us with another gem! Anyone that’s on the lookout for a nice dungeon crawler? Be sure to give this one a try!