Review: Red Bow

Review: Red Bow

I don’t know what sorcery Ratalaika used, but they’ve been publishing some decent games lately by some talented developers! Red Bow is nothing short from this as well! Though short may be the keyword for this one as well. Want to know why? Then read on in this review! This is, Red Bow! Oh and by the way! What a lovely boxart, right? It is a mix between the very long neck from a Giraffe, the scary girl from The Grudge and as a bonus a cute girl with a red bow… who comes up with this stuff?

What we liked!

  • Graphics: Though the overall design might look simplistic? I got to say that Stranga Games and the other developers truly did a good job of making the game look fabulous. It truly looks like a AAA title from the good old days when these kinds of games were the main staple!
  • Multiple endings: There are 3 possible endings in this game. A good one, a normal okay one and a bad one. It’s up to you to figure out what you need to do to get all of them. But do try to get the good one. It truly had me in tears for some reason. There are 3 chapters for you to walk through, each dealing with a certain emotion for what has transpired. Figure it out, because some things aren’t really that obvious.

Somewhere between

  • Story: While the game does offer you a story? It’s really hard to figure out. It doesn’t really hold your hand and it’s a real mix of hit and run on some things. A hint from me to all of you who will be playing this? Pay close attention to what some characters say. And make a correct decision on those hints!

What we disliked

  • SHORT: I was baffled that I completed this entire thing in under 30 minutes! And the reason that this section is in here, is not because the game is bad? Heck no, the game is actually really well made! It’s in here because it’s just that good, that the length feels like a slap in the face!



I was really on the fence for this one. Recommend it, or not. Sadly enough I had to hold it from our official recommendation list. BUT! I as a person? Do recommend playing this game solely to support amazing developers like these. I can’t officially recommend it because of the length. A shoutout to the developers? Make more games like this! Red Bow is an amazing little gemstone and I truly look forward seeing more from all of you guys! And girls.