Short Review: Ghost Beat

Have you ever played Osu! and wondered what it would feel like if you would be playing through one circle-shaped map, but instead of having to move your mouse, you only have 2 buttons? And you can feel the hype and tension throughout every level? With each level having its own mechanics? Then I would highly advise you to go and check out Ghost Beat. This is a small game made by Sandor Berczi, and may I remind you that this genius is just a SOLO INDIE GAME DEV. Yes, you heard it right, Sandor made this game all by himself. The Steam page reads that developing a video game has always been a dream of Sandor, and here it is! Ghost Beat was released on October 15th for the small price of $2! So let’s see what I thought of this game.

Honestly, the game itself is quite simple if you think about it. You have a developer that loves music and likes making puzzle mazes. But how could you ever mix a puzzle maze with tunes? Well, in precisely the way that Ghost Beat is made. A circle-shaped maze where you have to move your little dot through the map! This all while dodging obstacles and unlocking pathways. The game is synced with a different beat for each of the 5 worlds that are currently available. So you get this intense bass/snare when you move your dot at the right moment. And pulling that drop at the exact moment gives you a unique feeling that is hard to describe.