Short review: Classic Snake Adventures

Short review: Classic Snake Adventures

I think many of us played the Snake games on our mobile phones, it was such an addictive little game. Developer Crazysoft created a new Snake game, heavily influenced by the old mobile game. Something I honestly expected that someone else would have done a long time ago. Everything is as you remember, you move your snake towards food and avoid obstacles. Eating food makes you larger and faster, making the game increasingly difficult. Seeing it on Xbox is heartwarming, not only because of nostalgic reasons but it is just really fun to play too.

Fun if you don’t get too frustrated with the unclear borders. The number of times I failed to get three stars for hitting a border WHEN I HAD ENOUGH SPACE can’t be count on my two hands. That’s the only negative thing I can say about Classic Snake Adventures, the music becomes a little repetitive but that’s something you can turn off. A neat thing about this game is the overall leaderboard, your score in all 100 levels is added up into one global high score, resulting in some fierce battles to have the highest score from your friends. It’s pretty basic but sometimes an easy to play game is all you need on a busy workday.

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Classic Snake Adventures is a very simple and basic game but the gameplay works. Just as the mobile games from years ago it is something addictive, that “one more level before I quit feeling” isn’t something that all games have. Basically Crazysoft did a good job and I hope they will bring out more console games.