5 must do's at 1UP expo!

5 must do's at 1UP expo!

The most charming gaming expo from Belgium is back, with the conference on 21 February and the expo 22 and 23 February. We will be covering the conference and expo but it is obviously more fun to experience it yourself! Here are a few things that we recommend! More information about this expo can be found here.


It speaks for itself that you need to update your precious friends and followers, so be sure to make a picture and share it! At 1UP you have many set pieces to really set you in the magical mood. Maybe put our hashtag in it too (#LifeisXbox) so we can see your posts too! The main difference between 1UP and other gaming events is the atmosphere and detail in booths. Last years octopus set piece was really beautiful and for this year they have something else that will amaze you!


You’ll be able to play a few awesome rhythm games at the Stu Bru Rhythm Zone, for example: battling your friends to get the the highscore on AVICII Invector. The best gamer will be able to win a SUBPAC tactile audio device, that actually makes you FEEL the music!


There are many playable VR-games at 1UP, massive award hits Journey for Elysium and Beat Saber for example. Now it’s the perfect time to try and play some of the latest hits! 1UP isn’t as insanely busy as other gaming events so you’ll have enough time to properly test a lot of VR-experiences! If I may add a personal recommendation, you really should play Pistol Whip!


1UP’s focus is more on fantastic indie-games but you have a few recent big releases that are playable too. Besides reading our reviews you can go and try them yourself before picking them up! Darksiders Genesis, Zombie Army 4, Warriors Orchi Ultimate 4 or Monster Energy Supercross 3 are ready to test your gaming skills.


In a medieval setting the cosplay village is one of the many reasons to visit 1UP. With costume contests organised by Becosplay and a famous jury (Narga & Aoki) you have enough motivation to go as a cosplayer but it will be worth it for regular visitors too.

6 | MORE?! YES!

Tickets are still available, you can buy them here! Need more reasons to go? The charming game Baby Dino Adventures or the fierce TriFox is playable among many other indie-games, you’ll be able to buy merchandise (more than last year!), Game Mania and Adshot are doing livestreams, esports, lots of board and cardgames, retro games and bouncing castles! Or if you are like me, drinking a few beers with fellow gamers!