Short review: Active Neurons 2

At the end of April Active Neurons released for Xbox One. Several months later we already have a sequel with Active Neurons 2. This spatial logical thinking game from developer USANIK and publisher Sometimes You gives the player more than 150 tasks. Besides some better visuals effects and new mechanics, the sequel is more of the same. In this case, more of the same is actually a good thing.

While controlling a single block in four possible directions you try to reach the exit-block. This sounds easy but avoiding every deathtrap and not getting stuck is as hard as making a tasty cake without sugar. Your task is collecting enough neurons to progress in twelve chapters, each chapter unlocks an important human invention. I appreciated that progressing in the game had some sort of rewarding meaning, not only the inventions but the sparky visuals. The lovely effects and music charm you into a relaxing state so your brains can do extra effort needed for solving the complex puzzles.