Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure Review

Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure Review

Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure

This former Xbox 360-Kinect only game rushes his way to Xbox One with controller support and native 4K and HDR for Xbox One X. With six Pixar themed worlds and pretty basic but fun gameplay this is one game you should keep an eye out for some excellent co-op moments! Hop on Turtle Crush as you will guide you through this review!


  • The Pixar franchises are known for beautiful worlds and charming characters. Personally my favorite from this game was Ratatouille (playing as a rat looks awesome) but you have five other franchises: Up! – Finding Dory – The Incredibles – Toy Story and Cars. In total 17 levels with lots of replay value. Presentation wise the game does a great job in capturing the feeling from all the franchises.
  • Playing with a Kinect is still an option, and yeah it works better too than on Xbox 360. It still remains a little difficult to get around some platforming parts though. The game really starts shining when you select controller play. The overall experience is much more smooth and easier to get some high scoring medals.¬† It is pretty remarkable though, it has been since 2014 that Microsoft published a Kinect game, if it wasn’t for developer Virtual Air Guitar and other indie-studios we wouldn’t have had any Kinect-experiences.
  • The Rush name isn’t by accident, completing the levels as fast as you can is your main goal. Collecting many coins in the process is your second objective. Gameplay isn’t really hard but it will be loved by all ages, although Rush is definitely aimed for younger players, something Xbox¬†direly needed.
  • Playing this game with your friend, child or lover is simply amazing. Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure is one of the best split-screen games available. Even two adult hardcore gamers will laugh and have fun while playing as Lighting McQueen or jumping around the platform levels with your self made character. Teamwork and that competitive feeling for reaching the finish line first is wonderful!


  • I’m not the biggest fan for the hub world, or in other words an interactive menu. Choosing the different levels is a little bit harder and more time-consuming than it should be. Having to see the same cut scene every time you start the game again is pretty annoying too. On the other side, kids might really like how it is set-up, making them actually believe that they are playing with other children.
  • Camera angles while playing can become a little confusing, even more so when playing with two players. Luckily you always know where you need to go so it doesn’t become a major issue.


  • While the voice actors didn’t do bad work the same sentences are being repeated over and over again. One example for that is Ratatouille, Chef Skinner says something like: rats in the restaurant is a big no a million times. The repetitive feeling starts kicking really fast if you hear the same things too many times.

Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure is a magical experience for kids and even adults that love Pixar characters. We all grew up with these fantastic franchises so it’s really fun to play in their worlds. Gameplay is brilliant when playing the split-screen option, so be sure to check this game out if you want to play something with your girlfriend,¬†overactive son or even your grandma. Everyone will enjoy the easy to play gameplay!

Dev: Asobo Publisher: Microsoft Played on: Xbox One and Xbox One X. LifeisXbox received a digital review code, provided by Microsoft.