Review | World for Two

Review | World for Two

LifeisXbox’s World for Two review | Have you ever dreamed about trying to combine animal DNA samples with the chance of creating the next animal in line of evolution? Well, me neither. Luckily for us, we are still going to do this in Seventh rank’s new game World for Two. This former mobile and Nintendo Switch game finally found its way towards the PC and they gave us the chance to check it out. In World for Two you are playing as an android whose major goal is to create/develop new animals/life forms in order to withhold mankind from becoming extinct.

ℹ️ | We played World for Two for 5 hours on PC. This game is also available on Nintendo Switch and Android

What we liked!

  • Graphics | The graphics in World for Two are a job well done. The 5 main areas where you will find your self in are very well designed in the form of pixal art. The area you’ll visit the most is the laboratorium which is looking very good but the real beauty of the game starts when you enter 1 of the 4 other ‘worlds’ that represent the desert, the sea, the forest and the final one is looking like the ruins. Lucky for us the beauty doesn’t stop there because the animals that are in the game are also real eyecatchers and there are a lot of different one of them. I have to admit, it’s a special kind of art style so I’m not sure everyone will be a fan of the picture this game paints, but if you can dig it, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time enjoying this beautiful creation.
  • Sound | If you thought the graphics were amazing, wait till you hear the sound. Every area of the game has its own unique piano sound, which overall is really calming. It’s just simply fantastic to hear the different tunes every time you enter another area. I found the combination of trying out new DNA merges together with the soothing music to be excellent. The developers really found the perfect background music for this type of game. There were no real sound effects for the animals, the android or whatever but in all honesty, I did not miss this at all since you’re so busy focusing on the gameplay.
  • Story | The story is rather simple since the game started as a mobile game, and doesn’t have much depth, but it’s still very intruiging. It all starts with a professor who says he is the last peron alive. And so he created an android (which is the character you’ll be playing as). Your goal is to match DNA-samples with real DNA from animal in order to discover and create a bunch of new species. You start with just one simple combination but in the end there are a lot of options and special creatures to discover. As you can see, it’s a simple story, but nevertheless, I found myself enjoying the simplicity and the beauty of it.

Somewhere between

  • Repetitive gameplay | The gameplay is okay. You go explore the 4 different worlds to collect DNA from your created animals and then go to the laboratorium to try and create a new life form. It’s challenging since there are a lot of options to try and not every combination is a succes. This is, however, also where the reptetivness kicks in. From the start of the game until you complete it (say 6 to 8 hours, less for some) you are doing the constant trial and error thing over and over again. Something that can get really frustrating if you aren’t lucky with your combinations. I myself even took a notepad to write every combination I had tried down in order to know where I was when I continued playing another time. It’s a very time consuming game but in a way that it becomes repetitive quite fast so I think this is not a fit for everyone. The game is, however, quite short so you won’t have to deal with it being repetitive for too long.

What we disliked

  • Missing tutorial | There is no screen that specifically explains what the controls are so you just have to find out for yourself how to walk and go to the menu etc. I feel like some sort of guidance should always be present in a game so I’m not sure why that wasn’t the case here. A small tutorial or a screen showing ‘how to play’ would be nice. I did find everything quite fast and it was intuitive, but still, this is something every game should have.
    (Shift opens the menu, Z is confirming, X is backing and the arrows are walking, little tip from me).

How long to beat the story | 6 to 8 hours
How long to get all achievements | 6 to 8 hours
Similar with | Not really similar with anything


World for Two might not be the most exciting game out there but it looks and sounds quite amazing. This and the fact that once you start you definitely want to finish the game means that the game is developed and designed the right way. However, there are some things that could be better, the biggest being that the gameplay is very repetitive and just purely based on trial and error. is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch-speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.