REVIEW | Watcher Chronicles

REVIEW | Watcher Chronicles

LifeisXbox’s Watcher Chronicles review | Purgatory has been invaded by evil forces who’ll try to make this “a new hell”. In Third Sphere Game Studios‘ game called Watcher Chronicles, you’ll have to fight against hundreds of enemies and defeat over 20 bosses who’ll give it their all. As you venture through the many locations Watcher Chronicles has to offer, you’ll find yourself killing each enemy in your way for loot, and search every nook and cranny for those precious chests that’ll allow you to grow even stronger!

Most Memorable Moment

Aah, the boss battles were quite an experience. They were extremely difficult to defeat, but that feeling, after what felt like an eternity, when you’re finally able to defeat one is so rewarding! I found myself running back to the boss battles countless times, trying to learn its movements, and even then it was still quite a challenge!

ℹ️ Reviewed on PC | Review code provided by PR/publisher, this review is the personal opinion from the writer.

What we Liked!

  • Challenging Combat | Watcher Chronicles’ combat mechanics seem pretty straight forward at first; you have the ability to attack, block, dodge, and use long range weapons. However, it’s not until you actually start getting into the bigger battles when you realise how challenging this game actually is. Enemies do quite a bit of damage to you – some of them can even combo kill you at once if you’re not careful. You can heal your wounds with some handy potions, but your stock is limited, and you’re only able replenish it when you buy it, if an enemy drops it, or if come across a statue, which can be used as a fast-travel point and works as a checkpoint. Obviously, there’s a way to prevent yourself from taking damage by either blocking or dodging attacks. If you can time a block right before it hits, you’ll stun the enemy, allowing you to punch your foe like hell! Be aware, though, there’s this thing called… stamina… If you do anything that could hurt an enemy or protect yourself, it’ll use up stamina. This’ll replenish if you don’t do any of these actions for a few seconds. You have no idea how many times I screwed up because my stamina ran out, haha.
  • Legendary Boss Battles | While some of Watcher Chronicles’ enemies feel a little simplistic, the bosses definitely are not. Every single boss (that I’ve come across) is unique, forcing you to learn its movements carefully. One boss is better at close combat, and the other likes to attack you from a distance, heck… some even like both. Thanks to their unique appearance, attacks and animations, every battle feels like a completely new experience. Most of the bosses are relatively close to a checkpoint, but there are a few that are quite a walk, making those even more difficult.
  • Breath-taking Soundtrack & Sound design | Man… this soundtrack… it’s just… so good! Even its developer seemed to really like it, since you’re able to buy the soundtrack itself as a DLC – and let me tell you, it’s a must have! The sound design is also pretty decent; almost everything that’s interactable makes sound: breakable furniture, your footsteps, weapons, enemies; even their weapons make unique sounds depending on how they attack you.

Mixed Feelings

  • Colourful Graphics | Watcher Chronicles has a nice cartoonish art style, and I really like it! The first area you start in looks a little weak in my opinion, but as you progress through the game, everything just looks better and better! The floor, rocks, backgrounds, it all looks so colourful and carefully drawn.

    One thing that I really didn’t like were the walls… Yes, walls. Before you enter a building, you’ll see a door, and (obviously) a wall behind it. The walls looks a tad bit too simplistic compared to the rest of the game’s visuals, and I’ve died so many times just because of an enemy who was hiding behind one of these walls, it was very frustrating when this happened to be honest.
  • The Difficulty | “Not a walk in the park”, is how I would describe this game’s difficulty – it’s so challenging!! The beginning of the game is quite easy, but I didn’t expect the game to suddenly become so much more difficult. Checkpoints started to become further and further away from each other as I progressed through the game, and dying became more and more risky. If you die, you just start back at your previous statue/checkpoint, however, you’ll lose all of your currencies. Your currency isn’t lost immediately, though; when you die, you drop it wherever it happened, allowing you to pick it up again, but if you die again before you pick it up, it’ll be gone… forever. Making upgrading your stats, weapons and armor that much more rewarding. Speaking of which, there are a lot of different weapons, spells and armor that can be found throughout the game. Some can simply be bought, and some can be found in chests hidden around the world. They not only make you stronger, they also make you look that much more epic!

    If you’re a god, and if you are somehow able to complete this already extremely difficult game with ease, well, there is a new game+ mode for ya. You’ll get to keep all of your upgrades and equipment, but it makes the game A LOT more challenging.

What we Disliked

  • Nothing in particular!

How long to beat the story | About 15 hours
How long to achieve 1000G | About 17 hours


Watcher Chronicles is an epic RPG with lots of different weapons, spells and equipment to choose from. And not to mention the insane boss battles and soundtrack that I could listen to for hours on end! Watcher Chronicles is a must have for the gamer looking for a challenging RPG that’ll keep you engaged all the way through!

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