Review | Under Leaves

Review | Under Leaves

LifeisXbox’s Under Leaves review | If you have ever played a game that is similar in style to “Where’s Waldo” or “Can you spot the 8 differences”, then you’ll most likely have a 1-up on the competition. Under Leaves is a perfect blind between wholesome enjoyment and relaxing gameplay. Circus Atos bring us Under Leaves. A short but cute indie puzzle game. I wouldn’t really call it a puzzle game, but rather an object finder. It is your task to gather foodstuffs for the animal you are trying to please. Mix this with absolutely gorgeous colors and Kawai animals and you’ve got a recipe for success! But is it though? Let’s find out in this short review of Under Leaves!

This is a short review, our usual the good, mixed and the bad was difficult because of the nature of this game. We played Under Leaves for 2 hours on Xbox Series X

Under Leaves is in no way a long game. You could actually view this as a short but rapid release of tension. It beckons you in and invites you to sit down and have a relaxing time.
This is also a very simple and basic game. You select the animal you want to feed, and off you go.
Visually, Under Leaves really delivers. The colors are bright and flavorful, the decor is picturesque and the animals have that child book wonderful qualities about them. Combine that with an amazing musical score and bingo bango. You’ve got Under Leaves.
The “puzzle” element isn’t really that hard either. Making it an even shorter game.
In case you do get stuck, don’t fret, because Circus Atos has got your back as well. You’ve got the option to use a “lifeline” which basically is a slider puzzle to complete the picture. Succeed, and an automatic object finder will guide you towards the next acorn or seastar.


Under Leaves is the perfect unwind game for anyone searching for quick relief and release from reality, or a family event where you combine efforts to find the objects needed. Circus Atos truly did an amazing job with this one, and I can only hope that these amazingly talented people create more games just like this. It’s a worthy purchase for everyone in my opinion. A truly wonderful combination of amazing artwork and music! is the largest Belgian Xbox-centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.