Review | Make the Burger

Review | Make the Burger

LifeisXbox’s Make the Burger review | Who is ready for a time management game that surprised me in a good way? Let me tell you all about “Make the Burger” made by the lovely people over at Creative Hand! It might have its flaws, but it sure does have many good things to make up for those. So without further ado, let’s get right to that.

We played Make the Burger for 5 hours on Steam. This game is currently only available on PC.

What we liked!

  • Gameplay | In Make the Burger, you, well, make burgers. What else? Well, you actually have to do a tad more than just clicking ingredients. In the current state of the game, you have to memorize that to quickly make that burger and serve it to the correct client. With the added time stress, you can promptly lose yourself in all the orders. But a little tip: Say the order out loud to yourself. It truly helps. Yes, you might look a bit silly to people around you, but it actually did help me in the long term to train my short-term memory. Never thought that a game would bring this. And still, people say that games are bad for you. Proven wrong right here!
  • Graphics | Make the Burger is a game that comes packed with a great graphics set! It just has this great 2D/Pixel theme that is making you feel lovely and nostalgic. It brought me back to the days when I played arcade games on my old console or had a small portable game console like the GameCube to play little games on. But you obviously couldn’t play this game on that.
  • Music | When you are playing a stressy game where your focus is essential, you want to be assisted in any way possible. So Make The Burger does that for you by giving you a great mix of music. It won’t be much, but it sets the mood and doesn’t distract you. And to be fair, it’s actually quite lovely and sure can get stuck in your head if you ain’t too careful. (Had it in my head on repeat for a full day at work)
  • Currency | If you are looking for a weird but fantastic way of scoring your own gameplay and farming money by playing, you will be happy here! The very statistic that judges how well you do is also your currency to buy upgrades. We are talking about happiness. If you make the wrong burgers or don’t finish them in time, you lose happiness. But bit by bit, by making great burgers in time, you will regain happy ratings! And those comfortable points can be spent on upgrades like extra tables. But there is a catch! If you do so, you will lose happiness, which can put you close to losing the entire game.
  • Skill Floor | Something that was great for me is that you don’t have a dull and overly simple game served to you. Instead, you will be thrown right into action here! So the difficulty that you get is there. It would be nice to put it too easy for people who are not used to the genre, but if you have played this genre before, you will be challenged compellingly. There is a way to make the game harder for yourself: Accepting multiple orders at once and acquiring more tables. It really amps up the difficulty of the gameplay and honestly got me crunching gears inside my head!

Somewhere between

  • Menu layout | Something that could be improved is how the layout is made. If you want to pause the game during a session, you can’t mash the escape key to pause the game. You will have to click the gear icon to do so. It would also be great if some of the emblems would be better explained instead of having to guess what a blue head means as an emblem. Overall the UI is functional but has some room for improvement!

What we disliked

  • Order list | I hate to be that guy, but the biggest downside for the game is that I can’t see my order list while I am making burgers. It is somewhat off-putting and would be a great help while playing. Some other people have reported the same point of improvement, and I can only join them in that idea. Or at least give people the option to toggle difficulty, which turns this on or off as a feature. Because it can be infuriating for newer players. (still is a great memory exercise)



So the big TLDR moment is here! Make the Burger is a great game that shows an excellent value for its price of 2.39 euro as of writing this review. It is impressive, simple to understand, and can be a perfect entry for players young and old who want to get into the gameplay genre. If you want an even bigger bargain, you can pick up Make a Burger for 2.15 euro this week (SO 10% off!). If this review convinced you to play the game, let us know on socials! is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.