Review: Tower of Shades

Review: Tower of Shades

If you are looking to spend 2 Euros on a single level of a turn-based boss fight, and want to know more about Tower of Shades? Then have no fear! The honest reviews are here! Today you get my honest review about this small little game by Lame Jam, with only a single level.

What we liked!

  • The graphics: For a 2 Euro game, the game looks okay. Not saying it looks amazing like big AAA titles, but it looks quite like an arcade game from back in the day.

Somewhere between

  • Content: The content isn’t farfetched, and not that much. But for what it was, it’s a solid 30 minutes of reading stuff. But sadly enough it felt forced. I enjoy taking along wisdom etc, but this felt too forced. The wisdom itself was amazing to read nonetheless.

What we disliked

  • Controls: The game launches you in the fight, with one little bit of information: Z (cause I use AZERTY) to continue. And I could only find this single button. Then after mashing my keyboard, I found that the arrow keys move you around in the skills tab. Good to know, but would it be worth mentioning? Also, there is no option to mash ESC or anything else to change settings.
  • Audio: The audio felt cheap, oddly enough made me put away my headphones since I found them unpleasant to listen to. If I turned my PC’s volume down (cause you can not adjust sounds in the menu) it was better, but still not that pleasant to experience.
  • No progression: The game tells you that you learn by dying, but yet you start with all skills. And also there is only a single battle to complete.



Honestly don’t recommend the game for those who seek some depth in their Indie games, or turn-based combat. We have multiple other great and small games on our website that we recommend much more. And personally, If I would have paid for the game, I would have figured that a small fry would have given me more enjoyment if I had it with a friend. But yet, if you are willing to accept the shortcomings of this small title, and the style of combat is your cup of tea, it can be a game to give a try.