REVIEW | Thunder League Online

REVIEW | Thunder League Online

LifeisXbox’s Thunder League Online review | While the only MOBA I’ve really played was Pokémon Unite, I did really enjoy it and was definitely up for another one. However, I was quite disappointed by how little content Thunder League Online has to offer. I wish that the developers, Thunder League, put some more content in the game before making it playable. In this MOBA you’ll be able to choose between 10 different characters and play through a CTF mode with them.

ℹ️ Reviewed on PC | Review code provided by PR/publisher, this review is the personal opinion of the writer.

What we Liked!

  • There was nothing I really liked about the game…

Mixed Feelings

  • Decent Visuals & Music | Upon launching the game for the first time, I was really impressed with how well the menu already looked; the UI is pretty good, the Environment Art on the menu looked great, and the music sounded quite decent! So, it wasn’t until the actual gameplay started that I felt a little disappointed by it. The graphics still looked pretty well made, but there’s only one playable map in the game. When you complete a match there’s a little melody that plays which sounded very familiar to me. This kinda makes me doubt if the soundtrack is actually original or not. If it is original (besides that victory melody), it’s pretty nicely done.
  • Lack of Tutorials | The game’s very simplistic and doesn’t really need a tutorial, right? Well… maybe a little bit of text that explains the game’s mechanics would’ve been nice. At the moment, I still do not know what the stars on the battlefield do. Do these stars make you stronger, faster, do they heal you, …? I’ve got no idea whatsoever. On the bright side, there is a section called “guide” that explains all of the moves’ purposes.
  • Characters and Cosmetics | For the little replayability that the game has to offer, there are still quite a lot of cosmetics for all of your characters. Speaking of which, there are exactly 10 characters that mostly have unique movesets. Every character also has unique dialogue, making the battles feel a little more alive. While a huge chunk of the character’s skins feel like simple reskins, there are still a few separate cosmetics that can be used on your fighter, such as hats, glasses and backpacks to make them stand out from the others.
  • Achievements | Whilst the achievements aren’t anything too challenging, they will keep you busy for an hour or two. In order to complete these achievements, you’ll have to get 3 kills with every character in the game. Doing so will reward you with Points – these can be used to purchase new skins for your characters, so at the moment, there are no pay-to-win elements involved in the game. I do have one big issue with this game’s achievements, though. These are in-game achievements; there are no achievements on Steam itself, which I find quite disappointing.

What we Disliked

  • Gameplay is way too simplistic | MOBA’s usually require a lot of teamwork and strategising, but Thunder League Online seems to be lacking exactly that. The only mode that’s currently playable is a CTF (Capture the Flag) game mode that requires you to steal the other team’s crystal and bring it back to your base. That’s it… that’s all the game has to offer. One map, one game mode… nothing else.

How long to beat the story | Has no story
How long to achieve 1000G | Has no Steam achievements


While Thunder League Online is still in early access, I think they should’ve spent more time adding at least 1 more game mode and maybe a few more maps to prevent the game from feeling so empty. The game has a lot of potential, but there’s barely anything that would keep me playing the game.

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