Review | The Pillar: Puzzle Escape

Review | The Pillar: Puzzle Escape

Hello there, fellow puzzle freak! So I see you are reading our The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Review! There is something for every type of player here. You get a lot of puzzles, some action-adventure stuff, and trivia seeking quests. So let me take you through my thoughts on this rather challenging puzzle game trying to win over your heart. It’s made by the lovely folks over at Eastasiasoft Limited.

We played -The Pillar: Puzzle Escape- 3 hours on Xbox Series X.

What we liked!

  • Puzzle joy: I mean, what would a puzzle game be without a whole set of enjoyable puzzles? Well, there was just something about these puzzles that made me question precisely this. The puzzles are excellent and well designed. Some stages feel a little bit much of the same. Still, I must say that there is enough variation with different types of questions and riddles to solve.  So after experiencing these puzzles, I have higher expectations than usual of other puzzles.
  • Map-based puzzles: While you progress throughout the beautiful world of The Pillar, you will find yourself having to solve puzzles. But, some puzzles are actually based on elements you see on the map. This was a fun and great twist to a puzzle game!
  • Sound stage: The sound stage is often overlooked, but a puzzle game really relies on what type of sound effects are used throughout the game. And I must say, The Pillar nailed it for the most part. The sounds give you a soothing feeling, and they don’t stress you out. This is important since it’s meant to be a casual game.
  • Graphics: While you play through The Pillar, you will notice that the game is all about map moods and less about “Resolutions.” This, by itself, doesn’t have to be a disadvantage, and it sure isn’t. But I must say, you need to enjoy these types of visuals. If I would have played this game a few years ago, while I was really in my “HD Graphics Phase,” I would have given a hard pass to this game, but now I genuinely enjoy the vibe it induces.

Somewhere between

  • Unclear target audience: I am wondering who this game is for. I enjoyed it a fair little bit, but then again, I am an unbiased reviewer. The game is too hard for young kids to solve, especially the map puzzles unless they get a little bit of help from their parents. It would be a little too simple for parents. So the ideal audience would be age 7-16? That being said, once you get into The Pillar, you will feel like you want to complete the escape.

What we disliked

  • Transitions: I played the game on an Xbox Series X. There was just something that felt disturbingly wrong about the way the game transitions. From “running” on the map to entering a puzzle, it feels weird and has a sloppy animation. The walking also felt a bit slow for my liking, which added even more to this feeling.



So if we are being fair, The Pillar is a game that needs to suit your boat. If you are in a puzzly mood and want to be actively thinking, this must be the game for you. It’s ideal for parents who want to reward their kids if they complete the game by the time they return from a 2 hour+ trip. Also, if you just want to gift someone an installation full of puzzle joy, it’s the perfect gift! That being said, if you require an excellent HD experience with the smoothest possible aspects, you should look elsewhere. is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.