Review | Mørkredd

Review | Mørkredd

Hello all, and welcome to my first Xbox review! My name is Michelle/Mikachu, and I am part of the PC review team. Today I want to talk about Mørkredd, published by Aspyr Media and developed by Hyper Games. MORKREDD is a puzzle game meant to be played in local co-op but with the restrictions in my country, it wasn’t possible to do that. It does, however, make for quite a challenge when you play alone. When you play alone you need to control not one but two characters and guide them through puzzles involving light and darkness. Are you afraid in the dark? Should be no problem then, you have to avoid that anyway.

I played MORKREDD for 5 hours on Xbox one S.

What we liked!

Puzzles: When you play alone, you play as both a male and female. You have a ball that gives light, and whenever you go into the darkness, you will die. Yes, that includes the shadow of the other person. Always having to keep that in mind makes for fantastic puzzles that made me facepalm so much I got a headache. For real, though, the puzzles made me frustrated when I did stuff wrong for the 3rd time, but it’s so satisfying when you do it right. When you play alone, you can think, I just did a puzzle for two people! Alone! The puzzles get increasingly harder to do and keep adding new mechanics. It starts slow; follow the light and don’t get into the darkness. Even that was tricky initially because I don’t usually play games where I control two characters. After some dying… (And an awful lot of facepalming), I did manage to get the hang of it, though. So, if I can do it on my own, you can as well! This game even has some puzzles that make you move at a specific timing! I don’t know what else to say about the puzzles, except that it was an absolute blast to get them right, and I’m so happy I played this game!

The atmosphere, looks, and music: Even if half your screen is dark most of the time, you can still appreciate this game’s level design. You start in beautiful halls but later on, the scenery changes. And even though the last part of the game’s style isn’t my cup of tea, it was well done nonetheless. This game doesn’t say it is a thriller, but it certainly makes me feel in danger and uncomfortable. And part of that, sometimes almost unnoticeable, is because of the beautiful and tense music. I recommend to blast this through the speaker or put it nice and loud on the headset! So immersive.

Story: There is no talking in this game whatsoever, but of course, there is a story. In the beginning, you will be left in the dark… with the story. While I was rolling my ball around, I asked myself questions like: Why am I here? What is this ball? Why do I die in darkness? And in the end, you will know why you are there and what that ball is, and I think the ending is beautiful.

Somewhere between

Co-op: I can only imagine how fun co-op would be in this game. I’m so excited about this game. I already asked my player #1 if he would want to play it with me when we can get together again. I would put this in “what we liked,” but I can’t judge something I didn’t try. But I very much doubt it could be bad gameplay wise. I did read some things about many bugs and crashes being in the game on the internet. However, I did not encounter any of this while playing on my own. Maybe it has something to do with the co-op part, or they have resolved it.

What we disliked

Nothing: I loved this game, and I am thrilled this was the first Xbox game I got. It was such a joy to play I lost track of time. I don’t have anything I didn’t like that deserves to be here. Yes, the last levels’ design wasn’t my thing, but that is my personal preference.



This is an absolute gem of a game, and it deserves all the praise I gave it. I absolutely adored playing this game, and that it made me guess what the hell I was doing there. The ending is beautiful, and so is the music and the design of the entire game. I can’t praise this game enough! Loved it! is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.