Song Animals

Song Animals

If short games that you can complete in less then 15 minutes are your thing, well then maybe Song Animals still isn’t the game you are looking for. Placed in some sort of watercolour painted world, it’s your goal to set creatures free through solving puzzles with music. However, I think that the characters are supposed to be some kind of animals since the game is called Song Animals but I’m still not sure about that, judging by the drawing style. At least the developers from Myshkin Entertainment, really turned “art’’ into a PC game and this is how it worked out…

You are a dog thingy creature something that has to eat mushrooms, to go on a trip
  • Art: It may not look that beautiful but as I mentioned in the intro, the developers literally turned art into a PC game, and they do deserve to get some credit for that. However, it’s like a child fingerpainted and tried to draw a little. Okay, it can be perceived as cute but this is not how I’m really seeing it. I’m mentioning this because it’s one of the very few good aspects of this game.
  • Soundtrack: The developers added a nice soundtrack to the game, and this time there is no sarcasm. Well okay maybe a little bit, but it still fits the SpECIal environment of the game. That’s about it though.
If you eat enough of them you will start tripping with your friends
  • Short: The game takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete, so you won’t be stuck in there for a long time to complete it. And believe me, after the first 2 minutes, the other 13 are going to feel like an eternity.
  • Achievements: The game may include some achievements on Steam, but you’re also able to complete these within the same 10 to 15 minutes. These achievements definitely don’t add to the value of the game, since it’s just too short.
And you have to overcome the obstacles that you will encounter on the trip
  • Lag: The only way to play the game is with an in-game mouse cursor, AND IT IS LAGGING LIKE I DON’T KNOW WHAT. You constantly have to switch between characters to move them forward, and manage to solve some ‘music puzzles’ to continue but it takes a long time to click on everything. The lag really gets on your nerve, and let’s face it: nobody likes lag and it destroys the whole gameplay experience.
  • Special: They turned real art into a game which is nice, except for the fact that THe dEsIGn iS SpEciAL AnD iT LoOkS REtArDeD. They could have paid a bit more attention to it because it may be art but it looks like plain crap, and it just doesn’t manage to grab your attention when you see it.
  • Characters: Since the art is very crappy, the same goes for the characters. They’re supposed to look like animals but I’m just not feeling it even though I usually love animals.


Score: 15%
So when I looked at the game for the first time, I already knew it was going to be a special one. But I totally didn’t expect it to be this short and just bad. It’s a nice idea wanting to turn real art into a game, but if you can’t make it work or the art looks terrible, just don’t do it. Okay, maybe my taste in art is bad and that’s why I don’t like it but I’m surely not the only one who will feel like this when looking at this game. So in conclusion, they should have never turned it into a game.

Developer: Myshkin Entertainment Publisher: Myshkin Entertainment
Played on: PC
Time to beat: 10-15 minutes, including unlocking all Steam Achievements
Perfect for: If you love this kind of art
Steam Game Store link: Click here