REVIEW | Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition

REVIEW | Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition

LifeisXbox’s Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition review | Have you ever had a dream that never seemed to end but you just had to wake up as soon as possible? That’s the basic premise of Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition‘s story, except here, you’re trying to wake up to save your beer from falling, and to end each dream, you must find a way to die. Did you know Sleepin’ Guy was originally released on Steam with a different name? It was called Suicide Guy. I can’t help but feel like the original name was a better fit for the game. Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition has been developed by Fabio Ferrara and published by Chubby Pixel.

Most Memorable Moment

I’d say that the most memorable moment I had with Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition was playing the last level. I’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan, and that level seemed like a direct reference to it. It’s a boss battle that happens on top of a building at night time, there’s even a boss battle song in it, maybe it’s because I’m too much of a Kingdom Hearts fan, but that is something that reminded me of Kingdom Hearts III.

ℹ️ Reviewed on Xbox One | Review code provided by PR/publisher, this review is the personal opinion from the writer.

What we Liked!

  • Tons Of References | There are many references present in Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition that if you recognize them, will make you smile, some examples are: Indiana Jones; a reference to an episode of The Simpsons; Super Mario Bros; Ratatouille and Goose Game are referenced in an extra level; the movie Up and Harry Potter. If you enjoy a good reference, this will be an extra reason for you to play Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition, because you’ll find references in every level.
  • Interesting Gameplay | It’s pretty easy to grasp how to play Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition, you can walk, pick up and interact with objects/the environment. However, the levels were pretty nicely created, with parkour and puzzles that make Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition a pretty interesting game to play, despite the simple controls.
  • Groovy | Each level in Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition has at least one unique song tied to it, and all songs give the levels a proper atmosphere, they are clearly inspired by the references presented in each level as well. Don’t worry, if you’re not into a song, you can just turn off the radio(s) that are playing these songs.
  • Oozing Charisma | The art style in Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition is pretty great. You can see that it maintains itself throughout the whole game, and has a pretty nice and unique feeling to it, fitting pretty well with all the references present in Sleepin’ Guy.

Mixed Feelings

  • What To Do Next? | First things first, I’m putting this in this section because I feel like this is something more personal. There were a few levels where I had to look up what to do on Youtube, I just couldn’t figure out what had to be done. I didn’t complete all extra levels exactly because of this. This could be related to knowing about the movie/game the levels are referring to, but I’m not sure. Also, it isn’t explained that your objective is to find a way to die, so you may be a bit confused if you didn’t know Sleepin’ Guy’s previous name from when it was originally released on Steam.
  • Graphical Adjustments | When you open the options menu, be it in-game or on the main menu, you’ll find out that you can adjust the game’s graphics at any given time even if you’re playing on an Xbox One. I thought this was either a weird decision or something that was overlooked since it does reset to the lowest quality every time you enter a new level.

What we Disliked

  • Bad Vehicle Controls | There aren’t many vehicles to use in Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition, I can only think of two levels that do, but unfortunately, these vehicles have bad controls attached to them. If you want to turn, you hold your analog stick in a direction and the cars just slowly rotate if you’re not accelerating. If you are accelerating, the car still takes a long time to turn, making it pretty infuriating to control it properly. There’s also a scooter that can be used on an extra level, it’s the opposite of the cars because it turns very quickly, it’s also not great to use but at least it controls better than the cars do.
  • Bad Textures | This could be tied to the fact that Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition automatically runs with the worst graphical settings possible on Xbox One, but there were a few textures that looked a bit blurry. There was also a specific level that I don’t want to spoil, that had part of a character going through a wall, not a massive part of the character, but still, worth mentioning.

How long to beat the story | 3-4 hours
How long to achieve 1000G | around 5 hours


Sleepin’ Guy Deluxe Edition is a pretty charismatic game, with an interesting concept, well designed levels, and tons of references that will make you happy.

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