Eyes on the Week(End) (#1)

Eyes on the Week(End) (#1)

Time to look back on the weekend! How did Saturday and Sunday look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from last week and what are we looking forward too? These three questions will be answered in our Eyes on the Week(end) article!

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Dae Jim

I played many different games last weekend, two of them still have an embargo. I wish I could talk about one of them as there is a lot to say… Anyway, the following games have been played Pokémon Snap on my Switch and Monkey King Saga, Hitman 3, Stunt Kite Party, Reverie Knights, Cannibal Cuisine and finally Taiko no Tatsujin.

Most exciting news of last week: The return of Kao the Kangaroo! I love platformers and Kao totally nails that nostalgic feeling. Really hoping that this turns out into something fun.

Looking forward to play this week: I’m really into Monkey King Saga at the moment so hopefully I can finish all maps this week. And obviously my two NDA-games.


I visited my in-laws this weekend so didn’t get to play a lot. I did purchase Pokémon Legends: Arceus on Saturday because of obvious reasons. Only put a couple of hours into it so far but super excited about the new gameplay. It’s still a bit confusing and all, but I’m really digging the RPG ft. Pokémon combo!

Most exciting news of last week: The Kao the Kangaroo announcement because this game looks like great fun! I haven’t kept my eye open for much other news but this one definitely caught my attention!

Looking forward to play this week: Pokémon Legends: Arceus for sure! I’m proper excited to continue my adventure here!!


On Xbox I’m playing the Belgian party game Cannibal Cuisine, which is a fun distraction to play with friends & family. Kind of like a simpler Overcooked and with some added violence. I also started playing Taiko No Tatsujin, the drum rhythm game and it’s just as much fun as I remembered after playing the original version on arcades, many years ago. Great selection of japanese songs too.But there is no getting around the title that took up the majority of my time. I played about 15hours of Pokémon Legends: Arceus over the weekend and I had a blast. Sure, it’s not exactly a pretty game to look at and the story isn’t that interesting. But it’s Pokémon nostalgia in a fresh new package. I’ve been having the best time, grinding new catches and levelling up my team. I’ll be playing this for weeks to come!

Most exciting news of last week: We kicked off the ForsVC form, letting Belgian gamedevs submit for funding their next game or investments in the studio. I really hope this will help raise some local studios to the next level!

Looking forward to play this week: even more Pokémon!


Apart from playing & completing Kingdom Of The Dead this weekend, which you can also read my review of this week. I have been finishing up Lost Judgement. If you are a fan of the Yakuza series definitely check out the spin off series by Ryu Ga Gotoku studios. It’s a great side story set within the Yakuza universe which features all of its usual places in Japan plus new ones. The fighting is still very fluid and it does spin the usual Yakuza formula somewhat to give it its own unique feel. There is some really good storytelling here as well some great investigations to undertake.

The most exciting news for me this week was hearing about 343 industries advertising for a sandbox design lead specifically focused around the future of Halo. After absolutely adoring Halo Infinite I am excited to see whats next for the franchise  be it DLC or a new game in the near future.

This week I am looking forward to finishing up FNAF security breach & starting Pokemon Arceus as I am sure everyone else is playing that right now.


I’ve completed the story mode for Not For Broadcast this weekend. The game had a nice concept, but it felt way too repetitive.
I also played some Spyro Reignited Trilogy (again) on Steam! Just got it on Steam during their Lunar New Year Sale. I do have all of the achievements on Xbox, but I’m currently grinding them on Steam as well!

The most exciting news of last week was the announcement trailer of Kao the Kangaroo! While I haven’t played a Kao game before, its gameplay and visuals seem to be very similar to that of Toys for Bob’s Crash 4 and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, which makes me very excited to try it out!

This week I’ll probably play some more Niinamigota, a game that I’m currently reviewing on PC. I’ll also have to go through Shadow Man Remastered again, because I missed a missable achievement, heheh. And I’ll probably play the Spyro Reignited Trilogy again on Steam, for those remaining achievements! 


Played an extra level of Sleepin’Guy for an upcoming review of it, it’s an enjoyable game to play, but you’ll have to wait for my review to see more of it 🙂
Played Microsoft Solitaire Collection while listening to music and Yakuza Like A Dragon again, and I’m having a blast with it!

Most exciting news of last week: Toshihiro Nagoshi (the Yakuza series creator) founding a new studio after leaving SEGA. I became a Yakuza fan on 2020, when it was first released on Xbox, so this news is pretty interesting to me.

Looking forward to play this week: I still have quite a few hours left to finish Yakuza Like A Dragon, and I’m not sure if I’ll finish it this week, but I’m focusing on it before starting another game.