Review: Resolutiion

Review: Resolutiion

If you are a fan of pixel art games, and you are looking for yet another story to explore, then have no fear, Monolith of Minds is here. With their latest creation: Resolutiion, we’re treated to a new pixel beauty. And yes, Resolutiion with the double ‘i’ is indeed the name. Autocorrected by many search engines, yet quite delightful to play! If you feel like you want to know more about this game, read on!

What we liked!

  • The story: The game tells a story about a limping man who lost his memory. All through the vastly open world, you get presented with more and more parts of these lost memories. Without revealing too much or spoiling anything, I will just round this off with: It’s a rather serious story but fits together quite nicely.
  • The art: Monolith of Minds has clearly contacted some skillful artists to create this game. It feels amazing to look at, even from television, and keeps surprising me level after level. If you go to the Steam page, and just look at some of the demo images, you will be blown away by the looks of it.

Somewhere between

  • The music: The music itself is quite nice, but it becomes a bit stale way too soon. You get a different track for each level, which is nice, but it feels like a generic 25-second loop of the same sound, with no variation during battles (only slight acceleration). There isn’t even a special boss theme?
  • The combat system: The combat system for the player feels fine after you figure out what different animations (e.g. damage shield) mean (not explained). It looks good but could use some variation. What bothered me the most during combat, especially during boss fights, was the LACK of a boss HP bar. Sometimes you do get an indicator of some sort, but for the few levels I played, there was none. That being said, a solid combat experience.

What we disliked

  • The tutorial?: The first level, which I assume is a tutorial, does a, well, failing job in explaining the game. At a certain point during this level, you get presented with a small explanation about how to use the map, but that is it. Movement was not explained, attack/combat was not explained, and needed interactions were also, yup, not explained. I found myself digging in the settings menu a tad too often to figure out what buttons I could mash in order to hopefully achieve something.
  • Keymapping: The default key mapping is questionable. The default WASD is present, but with P for using an item, space to select something, and O to attack? Also, the game does not convert your keyboard layout if you are, for example, using AZERTY. The second thing I noticed in all of this, is that it does have better controller support. And thirdly, you can also move around with the arrow keys of your keyboard, yet this is not mentioned in the settings menu.
  • Ultrawide support: This game could have been rescaled to 21:9 if the dev would feel like it. I even think that this would have been such a great addition to enjoying it all, but sadly enough, we are greeted with the classic 16:9 black bars.



I would definitely recommend this game to people who do enjoy the genre, and actually really enjoy this art style, but for me the ultrawide support is a slight killed, since all of my friends play on ultrawide, and we are quite fond of big scenery. But if that isn’t what you are looking for, and you are here for just a great story, and just some gorgeous pixel art, then this really should be a game you should give a shot.