REVIEW | Pro Cycling Manager 2022

REVIEW | Pro Cycling Manager 2022

LifeisXbox’s Pro Cycling Manager 2022 review | It is that time of the year again when the Tour de France is about to start in a few days, the sun is shining bright, and cyclists take their race bikes out of the shed and start riding around everywhere. But, it also means another thing: Cyanide Studio’s newest addition to the Pro Cycling Manager series has just been released with Pro Cycling Manager 2022. They promise an exciting game with new features that make the series even better. So let’s have a look and see what they offered this year.

Most Memorable Moment

My most memorable moment while playing Pro Cycling Manager 2022 was when I won my first 2 races. I was close the whole time but finally, I managed to win a mountain race, and straight after that, I won my first Time Trial. And this all resulted In me finally winning a classement.

ℹ️ Reviewed on PC | Review code provided by PR/publisher, this review is the personal opinion of the writer.

What we Liked!

  • Game modes | One of the best things about Pro Cycling Manager 2022 and the Pro Cycling Manager series in general is that it offers a wide variety of game modes. In the end, it all comes down to the game races. But the variety in how to play them is really fun. First of all, you have the single-player game modes. Here you can choose between Career, where you manage a whole team and try to get to the number one spot. Secondly, you have the Pro Cyclist mode. In the Pro Cyclist mode, you create your own rider with its own personalized abilities. Here your goal is once again to become the best rider out there. The other two options in single-player are a one-off race, where you can just race courses that you selected, and you have the option to race on a track in the sprint or keirin or all the other races that are there.

    Besides the single-player, you can obviously also select the multiplayer option. Here you can create your own tournament and play online with friends or strangers. There even are leaderboards to see who has scored the most points in all the multiplayer games that are being played. My personal favorite mode was, without a doubt, the Pro Cyclist mode. I had a hell of a time trying to become the best rider and I’m sure I’m going to spend many more hours in this mode.
  • Graphics & design | The graphics in this game are amazing once again. With titles in a series, I personally always compare them with their predecessor. And it’s good to see that, yet again, they improved everything. The surroundings you encounter are beautiful. The team jerseys are once again very detailed and even the menus are perfectly designed. Everything you are looking for is easily findable which makes the game even more accessible for players who are new to the series.
  • New features | As with every title in the series, Cyanide Studio has implemented a couple of new features that make the game even more enjoyable than last year’s edition. This time around they improved the talent scouting system, enhanced the peleton to give it a more lively vibe, renewed some interfaces to make everything more accessible, and completed reinvented the stamina and resistance system. Although these aren’t the biggest upgrades they really improve the game and personally, I was really happy to see what they did with the stamina and resistance system. It’s a bit tricky to get to know it but once you figured it out it is way better than in the last year.

Mixed Feelings

  • Sound | One of the things that gave me mixed feelings was the sound. In my Pro Cycling Manager 2021 review, I already mentioned that it didn’t change in the last couple of games but that it still was really enjoyable. And this year it is the same thing again. It didn’t change a bit. And although it is still great, it would have been nice to have some variety in it. That is the whole reason why I put it in this category. The same goes for the commentary. They still use the same lines that were used two years ago. It’s good but some new spoken words would have made a difference here.

What we Disliked

  • Same game | I already wrote the exact same point last year. And I still feel the same about this year’s title. It is exactly the same game. It’s a complete copy-paste from last year’s game. And yes they added some new features but when you launch the game it feels like you are launching the 2019 edition because the main menu hasn’t changed a bit. And no you don’t hear me say that it is a bad game because I really like it, but it would have been nice to see that they made some bigger visual changes that show we are living in 2022 now.

How long to beat the story | The is no story in Pro Cycling Manager 2022
How long to achieve 100% achievements | over 50 hours


Pro Cycling Manager 2022 is a good and very enjoyable game. If you are a fan of the series it’s a must-have with the changed stamina and resistance system. If you are new to it you might want to buy last year’s version at a cheaper price first to see if you actually enjoy it.

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