Review | Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

Review | Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

LifeisXbox’s Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 review | Riding on the massive wheels that were MJST, THQ Nordic’s development team at Rainbow Studios brings us Monster Jam Steel Titans 2. The next juggernaut in the series. With updated graphics more content than you could shake your fist at and roaring engines that are revving to explore new worlds, it is up to you to climb the ranks and unlock everything that it has to offer. Either in multiplayer or split-screen mode! Want to just d*ck around or be competitive? It’s everyone’s ballgame here and you are the author… or driver, of your own destiny… or truck. Whatever! Want to find out what’s hidden underneath the hood? Then let’s d(r)ive straight into this and let’s explore Monster Jan Steel Titans 2

We played Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 for 4 hours on the Xbox Series X. This game is also available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia, Xbox One

What we liked!

  • Music and audio | The music department is the first one I would like to give some just praise to. First off, the music is chosen really suits the look and feel of it. Its gruff rock tunes combined with realistic-sounding and roaring engines really get your blood flowing in the best of ways!
  • Graphics | Visually then, Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 doesn’t underperform either. While it doesn’t oversell itself either, it does find that perfect balance between good looks and smooth FPS. Don’t go expecting long-lasting tracks in the dirt or particles sticking to your wheels, but enjoy fabulous tiny details and wonderful looking surroundings!
  • A lot of content | This is the meat and potatoes of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2. First off, there are 38 trucks for you to unlock. Each one upgradeable the more you play with them. Then there are the countless new worlds for you to drive around in and uncover the secrets that lay within them. Because yes, there are quite a few for you to uncover. 7 different events to compete and complete and numerous shenanigans in the multiplayer mode. Got a friend sitting next to you? Then split that screen and have a nice couch co-op adventure! There are hours and hours of content for you, right here so dig your wheels into the mud and get revving!
  • Authentic Trucks | Now this something that a lot of Monster Jam fans will probably already know, but if you didn’t? Then here it is. Since THQ Nordic has acquired the rights to create these official games for this and the coming years, they also have the opportunity to bring in official names. So if you’ve got a fan favorite truck out there? High likely you’ll come across him here. I knew Gravedigger by name, so I was delighted to see his name in the roster as well.

Somewhere between

  • Rubbery | You are rubber while the world around you is bouncy. Do you know what kind of annoying combination this tends to become? Holy mother of god. While it wasn’t that bad, it really did become an annoyance when out of nowhere I get catapulted 100 meters up into the air because I accidentally hit a rock the size of a pebble.
  • Everything (not so) destructable | Alas, it became a harsh reality when I noticed that not every object in the game is destroyable. Where you would expect a tiny tree to bend and break when a beast of a monster truck rolls over it, you’ll come to the sinking realization that that same tree that looks tiny and puny, will hold your truck back with the strength of Superman and more! Really taking away a bit of the emersion. Also, some collision damage really looks “wonky”. For instance, when driving over cars you’ll sometimes see dents just randomly appear as if the physical engine was still calculating how to best dent the thing… I mean… I don’t want to see sudden rips and dents appear in cars that I’ve driven over 5 seconds ago. Where the rest of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 plays as smooth as butter? This really felt out of place…

What we disliked

  • Nothing | Even if you don’t really follow the Monster Jam/Truck world, you won’t feel as if you’re going blind into it. There is no real backstory for you to miss out on and all you need to really know is big trucks with big wheels and big b… You get my drift (pun intended).



Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 is just an amazing blast for everyone. Truth be told, I’m not an all too big of a fan of racing simulators and anything that has wheels. Yet, this one really gave me quite a bit of joy to play and piqued my interest to continue playing it and unlock everything that it has to offer! Because there really is an entire treasure trove for you to unlock! is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.