Eyes on the Weekend (10-11 April)

Eyes on the Weekend (10-11 April)

In Eyes on the Weekend we share what our LifeisXbox team has been playing, most of the time we have our hands full with review games. Some of those have embargo’s so we can’t always openly share what we are playing. What is interesting for us is to see what YOU have been playing! Be sure to let us know on social media! 🙂

Went the emotional way this weekend with the fantastic Lost Words: Beyond the Page. I will have my review up later this week and I’m excited to say that we’re also partnering with XboxNederland.nl to video-talk about this game in more detail. Keep an eye on our socials to stay in touch about that! I’ve also tried Enlisted for a few hours, a new free-to-play game for Xbox Series X|S. I was happy with getting some kills, although the AI in this game is hilariously bad. Sunday was football day with Anderlecht – Brugge and Beerschot – Oostende, so didn’t play that much on Sunday.

I mostly played games for reviews this weekend: First I tried to get some missing achievements in DARQ, an amazing indie game with a grim aesthetic that reminded me of Tim Burton movies like Corpse Bride. It has brilliant, gravity-defying puzzles and a perfect sound design. The only strikes against it are that it’s a tad too short and that some of the puzzle solutions were a bit too convoluted. But other than that, I had an amazing time with it! (A few achievements seems forever out of my grasp though, because they’re timing based and I’d need to master the game first)I also sneaked in a couple of quick levels of Stitchy in Tooki Trouble, a Belgian indie game that’s releasing soon in Nintendo Switch, with some obvious Donkey Kong Country inspiration. It’s a lot of fun and the short levels are perfect for those moments where it’s hard to get any kind of gaming in. I ended up playing it longer than I expected, just because I faced a difficult boss at the end of world 2 and I kept trying until I beat it. Lastly, I played through Paradise Lost two times in a row. While it’s a gorgeous game and the setting is quite interesting, it failed to impress because you could see all the story beats coming a mile away, and walking through the game happens at a snail’s pace. this is not a walking sim, but a crawling sim. It was bad the first time when I missed the required door and had to backtrack at that slow speed, but it was even more painful when I had to do it all over again for the missing four achievements that required a 2nd playthrough.

This weekend I finished up the last of my upcoming review game called Paradise Lost, you’ll learn more about it soon, but I have to say, it was a bit of a pity. The hopes might have been higher than they deserved, or was it? You’ll find out soon enough! I then delved straight into a game pass game that was on my radar for a while now, Yes, Your Grace. Quite like it to be honest. It’s got a good balance between storytelling and being a good king for your kingdom. Though I wished it showed itself on the map into how you treat your subjects and land. But I can’t look down on it for that reason only. Also, this is also feeding my “old school” nostalgia feeling, with Octopath Traveler on my next to play games list for when I want to take a short break from the reviews! Got a suggestion class for me? Shoot!

I started my weekend by playing some Netaboku for a review, so far I am struggling to like it. But more on that later also played some Two Point Hospital and some Overwatch. Two Point Hospital is just chill and I’m starting to see OW as more of a chill as well even though I’m playing ranked. I can’t do more than my best and it’s still a game that’s meant to be fun.

Not been feeling the best this weekend but when I did feel up to playing something I decided to get immersed in a horror title, Maid of Sker. I’d previously obtained this from Xbox Games with Gold. In all honestly, I would probably describe it as a sneak simulator overall but I must say, I still thoroughly enjoyed the game and intend on playing again so I can continue through the achievements where possible. Let’s just say I needed some jump scares in my life. Along with this, I did my normal SMITE gaming, played multiple modes, and got my Khepri to tier ten! Currently trying to get one of each class to diamond which means I still need a warrior, hunter and assassin.

The weekend started out rough since I had no motivation to do anything, but I ended up enjoying a couple of games after all! Most of the weekend was focused on reviewing games. Beat a few levels in the Belgian game Stitchy in Tooki Trouble. A review is coming up later this week! I also started playing Monster Train and its DLC The Last Divinity. I’ve always been a big card game fan, and damn, this is a very, very good one. After years of wanting to play Kingdom Hearts (but never owned many gaming devices except game boys and a computer), I finally started on that one as well! Spent a couple of hours in KH Final Mix and I’m really enjoying myself so far (dare I say I’m in love with this game… yes, I do)! That was it for the reviewing part. To take a break from ‘working’ for LifeisXbox, I played Lost Words: Beyond The Page, and I must admit that even though it’s a special game, I’m really digging the style so far! I think the Xbox team is writing a review for this one, so stay tuned for that!

I had what some gamers might call a boring weekend, but for me it was rather productive!
Most of the time was spent on the renovations of the house, and it got me really exhausted. So for the remainder of my spare time, I played Kingdom Hearts Memory of Melody! Review for that coming out in 2 days! And when it came to watch time, that was filled in mostly by The Expanse! Thanks to Mikachu I hopped back on my space series, and I am very thankful for that! 

This weekend I couldn’t play as much as I wanted due to some family issues (not serious, but necessary).
Played some more of Outriders to complete my review (which is almost ready) and helped a fellow True Achievements user to get an online achievement on Blades of Time (an old title for XBox 360). Every now and then I receive a help request for an older (sometimes, ancient) game. I enjoy helping out our community.
Other than that, I watched Creed 2 on Netflix and a couple of episodes of House on Amazon (my GF loves this series).And this was my weekend.