Review | Gioteck – TX50

Review | Gioteck – TX50

Gioteck is all about bringing affordable gaming accessories to the living room. The Xbox Series X|S TX50 headset isn’t any different, depending on what kind of gamer you are this will be good or bad news. For those that immediately think that affordable means worse quality, please wait for a little and continue to read this review. Gioteck’s TX50 price of €40 is easily one of the best deals in audio for Xbox. It might not be best with audio clarity compared to headsets over €150 but it does an incredible job delivering decent sound with great comfort.

The first out-of-the-box experience

At first sight the TX50 looks heavy and the diamond-shaped earpads don’t look comfortable at all. Proof that you should never trust your first impression as the headset is lightweight with 320 grams and sits perfectly comfortable on your ears thanks to the soft Alcantara cushioning. (more about that in the next section) I really like the splendid looking perforated finish of the earpads but the final finished look is somewhat ruined by the very large and cheap-looking Gioteck logo on the top of the headset. They made the decision to use a kind of styrene-looking plastic for this, which honestly just looks terrible. They should have used the perforated finish here too or better yet, get rid of it entirely. Luckily a headset doesn’t have to look great to be worthy of your purchase. To be clear though, the subtle use of Xbox green on the sides looks nice and I like the look of the earpads. It is just the prominently present Gioteck logo on top that gives the looks a sour taste, not sure what the Gioteck designers tried to do here.

Alcantara makes all the difference

This durable type of cushioning is very soft and has a lot of grip. I was a bit surprised that a cheap headset like the TX50 uses it, as only a few high-end headphones use it. It is known to be used in Formula One race cars or even the SpaceX Dragon 2. The cost for Alcantara material is down a lot in recent years but still a remarkable choice. It instantly makes the TX50 a lot better as it is very comfortable, easy to clean, and doesn’t get hot while wearing. They haven’t been ungenerous either with the Alcantara, I don’t think I’ve seen a headset with more cushioning than the TX50. It simply ensures great comfort for lengthy play sessions, even for people wearing glasses. Your ears aren’t in the earpads, it leans on them. This is important to know as this will give small discomfort for gamers with pierced ears, even with all the cushioning.

So how is the sound?

We have to keep the low cost in mind here but the audio quality is more than decent. The 50mm drivers sound output is clearly optimized for hearing voices crystal clear, still one of the most important aspects of online gaming. While playing shooters you will also have a good indication from where the sound is coming but you can’t compare it with a real surround experience. As mentioned before the TX50 is aimed to be affordable. But in all honestly, it gives players a good taste of how premium sound can be. It lacks surround or additional options to adjust the sound output but as an audiophile, I am impressed with what they achieved for the €40 asking price.

Is the mic good enough too?

I was doing a Rover Wars launch party over Twitch with the TX50 and a friend of mine joked that he understood me better while talking through the headset than in real-life. The adjustable mic does a real fine job in catching the player’s voice and muting ambient noises. What I really loved was the quick mute switch on the braided 3.5mm jack wire. I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where we have to mute our mic or have memorable moments when someone forgot to mute their microphone. You can clip the mute-button on your shirt or just leave it hanging, doesn’t really matter much but the color indications work perfectly.


Gioteck’s TX50 has decent sound and is very comfortable for its cheap €40 asking price. This headset proves that affordable can be quality too! It doesn’t feature surround sound or advanced options but sometimes people just want something reliable and cheap. For those people, the TX50 is a perfect purchase.