Review: Ghostship Chronicles

Review: Ghostship Chronicles

Ghostship Chronicles is the final chapter in the Ghostship Trilogy, created by MAG Studios. During the game, you will board the Heckel and Thomas, which is a long-lost colonization ship that disappeared from the radar. Now it is your goal to find out what happened to the ship and everyone who boarded it.

We played Ghostship Chronicles for 5 hours on PC.

What we liked!

  • Story: One of the best things in this game is the story. I won’t go into detail since I do not want to give away spoilers. But far into the future, you’re boarding the Heckel and Thomas, a long lost colonization ship. It’s your task to find out what happened to the ship while battling all kinds of enemies. When you’re searching the ship for answers, it’s up to you to keep your teammates alive and make it to one of the three different endings Ghostship Chronicles has to offer.
  • Online mode: Another good thing about the game is that they offer you a chance to play through the story with friends in an online play option. Unfortunately, I was unable to test if it worked so I can’t tell you if it works properly, but the fact that the developers added it into the game is a good thing since almost every game is more fun when you can play it with friends.

Somewhere between

  • Onslaught mode: In games where you are facing aliens, a survival/onslaught mode is almost a must, and so Ghostship Chronicles has its very own Onslaught mode. It is fun and challenging and sometimes hard, so basically everything it should be. Yet, it doesn’t completely satisfy. In the areas where this mode takes place, it is really difficult to make a good plan. You can get hit from almost every direction and a lot of times the bullets from the enemy even fly through buildings. I really hope the devs fix this because the mode would be even more fun if it works properly.

What we disliked

  • Crashes: During the first hour of playing the game crashed a lot. I had to completely restart my PC a couple of times. After the first hour, it would go better but I still experienced 1 or 2 crashes every hour. I really hated the game for this, because I had to play some parts over again which really felt like a big loss of time.
  • Settings: The second thing that I hated is that somehow the settings you select keep going back to default every time I restarted the game. When I adjust my screen settings in a game I expect them to be the same every time I launch the game but no, every time the game crashed or I started playing again, I had to go through all the settings again.
  • Lag: As if the crashes weren’t enough, Ghostship Chronicles offers you also a lot of lag and by a lot, I mean constantly. And it must be the game since I experienced it in every graphics setting. I have no idea why the developers didn’t do anything about it since the game has released almost a month ago, but if they don’t fix it a lot of players will probably stop playing after the first 15 minutes (if they can make it that far without any crash).
  • Aiming: The last annoying point is aiming with the guns. Yes, I get that it’s a shooter and that realistically it isn’t just aiming and shooting. But when I have to aim two centimeters to the right of an enemy in order to get a headshot, something is terribly wrong, even the recoil is out of control and just bounces everywhere. It just completely sucks…



The story and the online mode are great but unfortunately, the game doesn’t live up to the expectations. To be fair, it’s that I had to write a review for this game or else I would have uninstalled it after the first 10 minutes. hope that the developers at MAG studios can fix a couple of the problems through patches because this game could be so good. is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.