Review | Get 10 Quest

Review | Get 10 Quest

I find the name a bit weird as I thought I had to make 10 all the time, that’s not the case here. The goal is to get the highest number possible by matching two neighboring numbers of equal value. That’s the addictive gameplay concept from Get 10 Quest. Developer Inlogic Games based six different game modes on that and all of them are really fun to play.

This is a short-review, our usual the good, mixed and the bad was difficult because of the nature of this game. We played Get 10 quest for 3 hours on Xbox Series X.

A campaign mode with 80 levels, six different game modes, and an endless mode is a lot of content for the low asking price. Get 10 Quest is quite challenging despite having an easy gameplay mechanic, especially one of the game modes where you can only have one number left. A bit nerve-racking even but I prefer puzzle games with a healthy challenge. You don’t have to be a math champion to be good in this game. All you really require is having the insight to know where to place a number, it makes all the difference in reaching a target number or having a big enough score at the end of a time limit.

Visually and sound is what you normally would expect from a mobile game, not a console release. That said, I’m glad that publisher Fantastico brings this experience for Xbox, it is priced right at €3. This is the kind of game you quickly play before your night rest or when you, for example just undeservingly lost a game against an opponent in Fifa.


Start playing with numbers as Get 10 Quest is a fun little puzzle game on Xbox. Challenging but fair gameplay makes it strongly addictive!