Review | Dreaming Sarah

Review | Dreaming Sarah

LifeisXbox’s Dreaming Sarah review | Ratalaika published another 2D-platformer on Xbox with this dreamy adventure. Unique in many ways, but also a bizarre one! Dreaming Sarah takes place in the head of a female protagonist. In her mind, you are searching for the oddest items to progress in the neverending looping world. You won’t be doing challenging platforming here, like so many other 2D platformers. It is an entirely different experience, one would even say an unlogical one. Figuring out how to progress is often met with weird visuals or impossible solutions in real-life. We’re in a dream after all, and that concept works better than expected.

This is a short-review, our usual the good, mixed and the bad was difficult because of the nature of this game. We played Dreaming Sarah for 3 hours on Xbox Series X.

I finished this odd game in one sitting, which isn’t that hard because it takes around three hours. I’m the kind of guy that can’t remember dreams when I wake up. This is a bit frustrating for me as my girlfriend can vividly remember what she dreamt and experienced while sleeping. Often telling them as if it happened for real. Dreaming Sarah is something I would expect from dreams, colorful weird stuff that logic simply can’t explain. Physics and restrictions don’t apply in Dreaming Sarah, as many of the items that you find will do amazing things with Sarah or the world surrounding her. It is an enjoyable little game with dreamlike visuals and audio that perfectly fits the picture. Almost everything is designed for one purpose, giving the play a surreal gaming experience. Every new dimension was something entirely different, one time I was standing on a small moon with a rabbit and a few minutes later I was in a giant mouth full of teeth with another habitant blocking my way.

The developer doesn’t hold your hand and finding your way through the world isn’t always easy, sometimes even a bit frustrating. At one point it took me a really long time to solve a ‘direction with light’ puzzle, I wish Dreaming Sarah was a bit better at giving clues but I found the solution eventually after some trial and error. This strange experience does come with some clumsy controls, selecting items doesn’t always work for some reason. It doesn’t result in a game over screen but standing there like an idiot doing nothing because the controls fail feels weird and unnecessary. Not much else can be said about this €5 little game, I wouldn’t call it yet another Ratalaika game with easy Achievements as there is more to it. This was a decent and worthy game to play and not only for the easy Achievements.


Dreaming Sarah is a decent short game that surprises you with original gameplay and retro-visuals. My three hour journey in weird dream dimensions was sometimes met with frustration but I had fun too!