Favorites Wednesday | Bethesda Games

Favorites Wednesday | Bethesda Games

Share your own favorites with #FavoritesWednesday and tag Lifeisxbox, we’re curious about your picks! On Twitter, on Facebook, and on Instagram. This week we take a look at our favorite Besthesda games, that recently joined Xbox Game Studios.

Dae Jim
WET | This action-packed third-person shooter was published in 2009 by Bethesda. I know, it might be a weird pick when you have Fallout games, Elder Scrolls games, DOOM and a million others but WET was always something special to me. It had fantastic sound and the gameplay was fast and original!

Dishonored | I loved everything about this game, from the open-ended approach to how you can tackle missions (yes, you can even go non-lethal) to the story, setting and gameplay. I had a hard time playing some other first person games after it, because I really missed warping around that quickly. Also, freezing time and putting enemies in the path of oncoming bullets is Quicksilver-level badassery. I’m a fool for not having played the sequels yet!

Prey | while it absolutely wasn’t the Prey I was hoping for, Prey did capture my interest. What happened? What was the mystery?! You didn’t know unless you played through the game! But that doesn’t excuse it from not giving us the sequel to Prey!

Wolfenstein: YoungBlood: A game I never expected to like but even to this day, I still jump back on to play. The story along with the fantastic gameplay made a perfect match. There are abilities to level, weapons to upgrade and although it may be a grind, I can’t get enough of the variety which was included throughout. The co-op aspect also made for great amounts of fun.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider | I must confess that I’ve only played few games of Bethesda (and never played its heavy hitters like Skyrim or Fallout) From the few games I’ve played, my favorite is Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. I love the freedom the game gives you on how to accomplish your objectives (stealthy, deadly or a mix of both). Plus the powers of your character make her a real badass! 

The Elder Scrolls Online | Have been playing this game for a couple of years now and it is still one of my favorite games to play. The huge open world that you can discover and basically do what you wanna do is perfect for every moment.

Orange Spark:
Dishonoured Series | Dishonoured is a masterclass in leveldesign and storytelling if you ask me. Where I’m usually very much in favour of open world settings for games, the expansive levels of each mission always funnel you towards your goal, yet are open enought to let you explore the nooks & crannies of the surroundings, fleshing out the lore and providing extra resources. I could keep replaying this game every year and not tire of it. I’ve come to love and master this game when we got to bring our laptops to school, and I’d just rush through my work for the day, then spend the rest of the day playing Dishonoured. Alt tab very much became an IRL stealth extension to the game.