Review | Dandy Ace

Review | Dandy Ace

LifeisXbox’s Dandy Ace review | Are you ready for another rogue-like game? I hella am with this new game called Dandy Ace! Developed by Mad Mimic and published by NEOWIZ this new rogue-like has earned a spot in my favourite games tab on Steam! This game just does eveything right! Except there is a lot of pink though… HAH just kidding, who doesn’t love pink? I sure do! And cupcakes, nom. Annyway, let me tell you all about Dandy Ace, and lets become the greatest magician of all time, shall we?!

I played Dandy Ace for 5 hours on PC. This game is also available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Look at my card, my card is amazing ~

What we liked!

  • Cards! | First of all let us start with the gameplay in Dandy Ace. You start out obtaining cards, these are all different depending on their color. Pink cards are your basic attack cards, the ones you’ll be spamming. Blue cards are mobility cards, like a dash or blink. And then yellow cards are crowd control cards, that stun or push enemies away. But! That’s not all! Each card can be upgraded with another card! This makes for so many options and is so much fun. You can make a DoT build, or a melee build, or whatever you like! Want to just blink around and do damage? No problem, just add Hex damage or another DoT upgrade to your blink! There is something for everyone and I loved this.
  • Theme n’ story | Pink! Pink everywhere! haha, anyway, this game is about a magician named Lele. He was loved… or just the only option and was happy with how it was going until Dandy Ace showed up and got all the love Lele ever wanted. So all there was to do for Lele was use his magic mirror, and lock Dandy Ace and his two assistants up. In the mirror, you will have to kill a butt load of minions and bosses. And the last boss is Lele himself. So that’s it about the story but my lord is this game beautiful with its theme and artstyle. Just look at the screenshots! And then there is Lele who is talking to you and making fun of you and with you the entire time. All completely voiced! “What do you call a dog doing magic? A hound-ini!” hahaha. Even the way you can heal is completely in theme, mobs can drop cupcakes or you can get an upgrade so you have a cup of tea with you that heals you as well. I adore this game, oh my god!
  • Upgrades | After each level you complete you get to a few tants with your assistents there. They have upgrades and new cards to unlock for you. Each changing the game in a unique way. There are trinkets that reduce ranged or melee damage done to Ace. Those are defensive, but there are also offensive, where you get more damage after being hit for example. All of this makes each run even more unique if you want it to be.
  • To battle! | I explained how combat works, but how does it feel? In the start I tried this game with mouse and keyboard, and I really can not recommend. This game has “controller recommended” on the title screen and I can not agree more. When I switched to controller I was so happy I did. I usually prefer keyboard but this game is an exception for me. While you’ll have to get used to the speed of the projectiles coming your way, it all feels right and fluid. There are a lot of enemies you’ll encounter and all do different things! So exciting! And then, of course, the boss battles!
  • Boss fights | I haven’t gotten incredibly far in Dandy Ace, but I have gotten to the first boss! And boy was that fun. If you play League of Legends, the first boss I encountered is basically Gwen. A pretty lady with HUGE scissors. She has a few different attacks, all that you expect from a boss like her. Then you think you know everything about her and suddenly, she freakin throws her huge ass scissors like a boomerang!! I laughed and died a happy gamer. haha.
  • Difficulty | This game has incredible replay value. First of all, read all the positives above! More of that! And then there are different difficulties you can play in. If you think the game is too easy however, you will need to complete the first intire run to unlock a new game. But if you are a god-gamer, that doesn’t matter, easy-peasy right? And you get achievements for each boss you defeat for the first time in each difficulty. And it’s so much fun! I love this game so much.
I’m working on it girl!

Somewhere between

  • Just love for this game, honestly.
I’m so sorry M’lady.

What we disliked

  • Enemies | Well, let’s get to the most horrible thing in this game. In Dandy ace, one of the first “monsters” you start killing are.. incredibly cute pink bunny’s. Ace! How could you!?



If you like this type of game, by all means give it a try. I absolutely adore this game and will continue to play it for sure. It looks incredibly happy with all the pink and other colours. The style is amazing, for example if you talk to someone the character art is just perfect. It’s all voiced beautifully, and has a lot of humour in there aswell. The combat is fun and it will keep you coming back for more. And there are so many different runs you can keep trying, with different trinkets and card combo’s it’s incredible. Only love for this game honestly. 10/10 would die to a bunny again, haha. is the largest Belgian Xbox centered website, your reading time is greatly appreciated! Please consider sharing this review with your friends on social media, that means a lot for us! If you are Dutch speaking also consider joining our Dutch exclusive Facebook group Xbox Gamers Belgium. Feel free to use quotes for PR purposes.