Preview | Button City

Preview | Button City

LifeisXbox’s Button City preview | Are you a true PC gamer but want something like Animal Crossing? Then search no further and keep an eye out for Button City. This hella cute adventure is brought to you by the people of Subliminal and is the first game that has a low poly style I ever played! In my opinion, it looks fantastic and incredibly adorable. In this game, it’s all about playing arcade games with your in-game friends. Let’s take a look at the rest of the demo experience down below!

Short gameplay

You play as a fox called Fennel and the Button City demo starts with a friend messaging you to hurry up and get to the arcade because it’s kids day! And every game is free to play on kids day! So you hurry your way there and see it’s incredibly busy. After talking to everyone, you learn that there is a squad that’s beating everyone! So you decide to get your own team to try and beat them. But all the people you ask want something in return. Which will get you running across all of Button City. After that, you finally get to play the arcade, and when you defeat them, the demo ends. I loved this cute little game, even though it’s a lot like Animal Crossing: in the way they look and how they talk and show emotions, I had a lot of fun with this game. I’m looking forward to playing more!

Moving around town

In Button City, you don’t just casually walk to another side of town. No, you have to click a button on the side which will show you three platforms with places on them, like the city, or the playground. When you click on one below or above the one your on, it will slide there, and if you want to move to it you have to click it again. I found this really fluid and new. There also are no loading screens whatsoever, which I’m a huge fan of.

Art and sound

I started playing Button City without any expectations. I didn’t know what it was about, but I was amazed by how it looked when opening the game. As stated above, this is my very first low poly game, and it looks so damn cute. The whole game has an Animal Crossing vibe, and I’m all up for that! I loved that game as well, so I totally won’t mind something somewhat similar! It also has the same kind of upbeat, happy music in the background. Of course, I’m comparing it a lot to Animal Crossing, but the story is completely different in Button City, so there is no problem with this.

The end

I love the way this game looks, It’s even cuter than I thought. The music just makes you happy and the story was fun as well. I can absolutely recommend keeping an eye on this game or try the demo.