Rafael & Alexis E3 opinion

Rafael & Alexis E3 opinion

Nobody is interested in my opinion (Dae Jim) so I’m giving the spotlight to my two loyal Xbox writers Rafael and Alexis. Both have a diverse top five list, but one thing is clear! 2019 and 2020 will be a fine gaming year! And if you truly wanted to know… my entire top five list was Gears 5!

The Opinion from RAFAEL

Borderlands 3: reviewing the first one a few weeks ago reignited the flame of the vault hunters in my chest. So bring.it.on!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: as a huge fan of wild lands (the first game I reviewed for LiX, I’m so looking forward to its sequel!

Cyberpunk: after that dope trailer, who isn’t? And after what CD Project Red delivered us with The Witcher 3, I’m sure there’s something really good on the way.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps: we have all been waiting for the sequel of this adventure and the trailers haven’t disappointed. One of the best looking games of the generation is on its way!

Gears 5: halo who? Just kidding. Gears has a special place in my Xbox heart. It’s one of the first games that got me hyped to buy an Xbox 360 back in the day. I still remember watching its trailer (Mad World) about a thousand times. And here we go, with the sixth chapter (did you forget about the prequel Judgement?) of the franchise. Although the trailers during E3 were nothing special (I’m still trying to understand what they meant with Kat freaking out on that trailer), I believe The Coalition will bring something special.

The opinion from ALEXIS

Way of the woods: This indie actually took me by surprise. But the moment it came on I actually put down my drink and paid attention! The art style, the music… Not a lot was shown here, but you can bet your butt that I’m looking out for this one!

Halo Infinite: I always have had a thing for Halo. Ever since I played it on the OG Xbox, I couldn’t let this game go, I played that campaign mode over and over. Heck… I even broke the disc, ‘t was a sad day lads, a sad day… Suddenly it became unreadable. And the music, oh god the music… (yeah I know right? A big shock, I liked the soundtrack! Me, who is always being critical about a game’s tunes…) But admit it, who doesn’t hum along when the Halo Theme turns on? You know you do! So when they revealed that they were working on the next Halo game in 2018 but showed us nothing, I was kind of annoyed. But they made that all up in this year’s E3! Boy does it look beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!

The Outer Worlds: It should come as no surprise that The Outer Worlds is on my list. I’m an RPG enthusiast. And when I learned about this game, that it was being developed by the people who brought us Fallout: New Vegas I became giddy. Fallout, in a different wrapper, by developers who know how it should be done! Looking forward to this one!

Borderlands 3: This one actually took me by surprise. Only falling in love with the franchise not so long ago (Read: After I actually reviewed Borderlands 2…), I was immediately enthralled by the entire thing. How pleased that I was when I learned about the fact that there’s coming a new one… In just a few months! I mean… Mind blown, right! I can’t wait to dig into this one!

Cyberpunk 2077: I went absolutely banana’s during their first tease. And then nothing, years went by… Speculations came and went, being from possibly canceling the game due to lack of funding, people being diverted… I started to lose hope, but then it happened. Flashback to Xbox E3 of 2018, the screen glitched, red text appeared on the screen, and then? The reveal trailer. My god did this game look gorgeously! A 40 + minute gameplay video followed soon after. Then E3 2019 happens… And more minds were being blown because who decides to make an appearance? Keanu “Mother F’in” Reeves! Goosebumps! I can’t wait for this game to be released! Dae Jim… Although my birthday is in October if you ever wanted to get me a birthday present? This is the thing that would make Alexis a happy boy!