Pumped BMX + review

Pumped BMX + is a console version of the mobile Pumped BMX 2, with new features and content. It’s a perfect example why mobile games should be more than welcome on Xbox One!

-Learning to ride a bike

Let it be known, don’t let kids play this game if they still need to learn how to ride a bike. Pumped BMX + is a difficult game that requires patience and button knowledge. I have to say that the combination of momentum, different trick checklists per stage and level design is a perfect balanced work. Everyone will be able to finish the easy levels and everyone will have a hard time finishing the harder levels. You could compare it a little with Trials Evolution but with a different art design. With simple and a little boring graphics the game is easy on the eyes, don’t expect any mind blowing settings or effects. (It’s a mobile port after all)


  • Addictive fast and tricky gameplay
  • Lots of different tricks
  • Easy controls


  • Will becoming repetitive fast
  • Plain graphics

Score: 64%