Penarium review

Dutch developer Self Make Miracle brings Penarium, or what I like to call it:Willy’s death scenes volume 1 and it’s something that’s worth downloading!

-Welcome to the circus of death!

You control Willy, a cool looking boy that is tricked joining a false circus. Instead of fun and laughter Willy finds himself trapped and forced to survive rounds of danger.  The 2D arcade-style levels will force you to have lighting fast reflexes and split second decisions. The game is pretty tough but stays fun and addictive, besides the Simon Says-like parts everything is high-paced, surrounded with a beautiful art-design. It’s just a shame that it lacks a little graphical diversity. Anyway, it was my most fun circus visit in years.


  • Fast-paced gameplay that will keep you playing for hours
  • Fun local multiplayer mode
  • Art-style is unique enough to make it stand out
  • Easy to learn controls so everyone can play it
  • Well balanced difficulty
  • Cheap in price for the content you get
  • It’s that kind of game that will make you go for the highest highscore possible, in other words the replay value is high.


  • Simon Says-like gameplay in Story didn’t feel right for the game
  • Could use a little more diversity
Score: 83%