Preview: Trifox

Preview: Trifox

Glowfish Interactive, a Belgian developer, is currently working hard on a new game called Trifox. Right now, there’s a free demo you can play on Steam, so I thought I’d give it a try! Of course, the development of the game has reached a further stadium already, so a lot of the feedback provided in this preview might already have been used to upgrade Trifox. Anyway, let me tell you about this cute game a little first: Trifox is a twin-stick action adventure game inspired by classic platformers. It involves exploring, combat, and platforming, making up one interesting game.

What I enjoyed so far

The demo is playable using three different playstyles or character classes, so that’s a cool start. You can either play as an engineer, a warrior, or a mage. They all have different abilities and it was really fun testing them out. Usually, I’m a warrior type of girl, but the engineer character was so refreshing and I enjoyed this one the most. Maybe I preferred it the most because I could create fire-spitting machines, who knows. There is a little testing area at the start, like with dummies to test your abilities, so that was great as well. I loved the vibrant colors in this game too. It just looks so beautiful and adorable!

Future improvements

The biggest thing I missed at this moment, was a tutorial. The game shows you your controller and what every button/stick does in the beginning, but personally, I learn the mechanics better during a tutorial. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities at first, making things feel a little chaotic. As of right now, the game is heavily combat-based, and I was told this in advance. I like exploring and platforming a lot, so I can’t wait to see the rest of the game where combat doesn’t clog the entire gameplay. Currently, I don’t see a use for the coins yet, so I’m hoping these will serve a purpose further along in the game. Another possibility I would love to see in the future, is a multiplayer mode. How cool would it be to play with all three characters in a team?!

So, in conclusion

I am definitely looking forward to the full release of Trifox. So far, it looks very promising. Of course, the demo is very short (only about 20 minutes) so it doesn’t provide a big picture yet, but I’m hopeful. The fact that the full game will focus more on exploring and platforming (together with combat) makes me very excited to discover the rest of this adorable looking adventure!