Preview | She Will Punish Them.

Preview | She Will Punish Them.

LifeisXbox’s She Will Punish Them preview | Before we start this preview in earnest, this game is intended for an adult audience. If you are not yet of an appropriate age, this preview will still be here when you’re old enough.

If you’re a fan of video games or medieval demons you might’ve come across a succubus or two on your adventures. For those who don’t, hi, welcome to the fantasy genre. Usually found in a setting where the capital sin of lust is subtly, or let’s face it, predominantly represented. These temptresses will try to seduce or subdue men for their seed. Motives and methods vary (slightly) from setting to setting. In She Will Punish Them, you will create your own agent of Luxuria and lead your group of succubi in their conquest over the realm. Build out and decorate your many castles to kind of, enjoy the finer aspects of life.

Your Personal Devil

She Will Punish Them contains a very robust character creator with which to make your succubus just the way you like her. Like really, go wild! The last time I saw this many options in a character creator I was using a number of Skyrim mods. Bust, behind, face and skin allow you to adjust nearly every aspect via sliders. There are even some more, let us say “niche”, options for you to play with. Some fantasy accessories are also present, such as wings and horns. You are also left with the option to do without those if you prefer. Your playable character is entirely yours to sculpt. But fret not if you’re like me less decided on the looks, every time I hit randomize I also got really solid results.

To War, my valkyries

Having sculpted your succubus, it’s time to work on that world conquest bit I mentioned earlier. Where in other media, this is usually accomplished via nightly visits, subterfuge, and manipulation of those in power, the ladies in She Will Punish Them have chosen the more direct approach of swords, daggers, and magic. On the world map, you can choose from more or less all levels straight out of the gate, but they will be marked with a recommended level to be for each. These are largely split up into 2 types. Skirmishes and checkpoints. Skirmishes go for the typical, you versus them in a field, where you’ll fight a set number of the enemy’s horde. These are good for raising your level. Checkpoints are set at strategic locations like forts, ruins, or villages and will have a boss you need to put 5 feet under if you want to take that location. On the Steam page for She Will Punish Them the combat is described as “Challenging and Gory” which I sadly found kind of lacking on both counts. As long as you keep updating your gear and leveling up according to the recommended levels only the bosses have posed to be a small hindrance with a lot of health. And unless I haven’t encountered certain enemies, the gore would be derived from the enemies that contain a multitude of zombified enemies and the fact that they all splash a lot of blood everywhere. Not that any of it has stuck to my character so far either.

War, what is it good for?

So what’s all the fighting with your beautiful girls for you ask? Once you return from the battlefield to the castle of your choosing, you get to spend the spoils of battle on decorating your home with all kinds of furniture. From everyday, albeit medieval, furniture to more exquisite and specialized pieces for you and your sisters to display the finer, more sensual aspects of your succubi. And before you ask, yes, there is a wide selection of lingerie and scantily clad outfits to dress your succubus up with. Some base ones are available to you from the start, but the ones obtained from boss rewards and the store are the ones you will most likely want to go for. A burning question some of you might have at this point is possibly if you can forgo clothes altogether. While I’m sure it won’t be long until a mod for this pops up on the workshop, I have not seen any full nudity in She Will Punish Them. The devs probably wanted to leave something to the imagination.


From what I have played so far, She Will Punish Them is trying to be more than just another adult game out there. It asks that you put in the effort in combat if you want to reap the rewards in the field of cosmetics, furniture, and house expansions, and that is commendable. I think the combat could be fleshed out a bit more, particularly when magic is involved. If you’re into these kinds of games, you might want to grab a holy symbol of your choosing and keep an eye on She Will Punish Them.

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