Preview | RoboSquare

Preview | RoboSquare

LifeisXbox’s RoboSquare preview | The new year treated us to a new game. RoboSquare, developed and published by Fizzostia, is a quick action-packed PVP game with up to 16 players. Your goal is to knock every other robot off a changing platform, and coming out as the victorious number one! RoboSquare is set to stay in Early Access on Steam throughout 2021 with no set release date yet. Let’s take a look at RoboSquare in its current state, shall we?

A simple idea

RoboSquare is a very easy game with controls that are just as simple as the idea. You use your WASD keys to move, the space bar to stop, and the R key to take out an arm that helps you flip yourself around when you’re upside down. It’s all very straightforward and you get the hang of the game quite fast. However, as promised, the actual gameplay is quick and matches only last a short while.

What we like so far

RoboSquare shows some promise, that’s for sure. The gameplay is fun, even though navigating your robot isn’t easy at all with the lack of gravity. Challenges were recently added to improve and expand on the gameplay. There are daily and weekly ones, like eliminate 5 bots or win 15 matches. Completing these will earn you scrap, which you’ll need in the shop. Here you can buy new customizations for your robot. The fun thing about the shop is that the available items change every few hours. This is great, but also sad when you got your eye on something and can’t reach enough scrap. The customizations are pretty basic, but they suffice. The hats are definitely my favorite!

There are currently two game modes: sumo and race. While racing, hit epic jumps, maneuver around obstacles, and take caution of dangerous timed events to reach the finish line first. Completing tasks will get you some valuable scrap. The sumo mode throws you onto a changing platform where you have to be the last one standing.

What we’re still missing

Even though the game offers fun gameplay, it also gets repetitive rather quickly. I also ended up playing against bots all the time, since RoboSquare doesn’t have a lot of players yet, being in Early Access and all. The bots are pretty smart and were able to beat my ass nonetheless, so it’s not like they’re super easy boring opponents.

Something I’m still missing is some sort of recap after a match. I never had any idea where I ended up in the rankings, you know. When playing against bots, I don’t really need this, but if I were to play against friends, a ranking after finishing a match would be nice.

In short

RoboSquare had me a little hesitant at first, but the fast-paced gameplay is actually quite addictive. I did get bored of it after a few hours since I could only battle against bots, but even these manage to keep my enthusiasm up at first! I can definitely see RoboSquare grow up to be a really cool game, and I’m very excited to see what Fizzostia has in store for us in the future!