Preview | Regain Earth: First Strike

Preview | Regain Earth: First Strike

LifeisXbox’s Regain Earth: First Strike preview | Evil MuTecs are invading earth and it’s your job to stop them! In GameFlow Studios’ brand new game Regain Earth: First Strike it’s your goal to stop waves of incoming evil. Sounds easy, right? Team up with a friend or play solo and aim for top ranks which will unlock you new waves and lovely achievements in this solo-dev project. Regain Earth: First Strike is currently available on Steam in Early Access, so let me tell you a little more about what you can expect from this game so far.

What do you do in Regain Earth

I already mentioned it in the intro, but in Regain Earth: First Strike you will have stop waves of incoming MuTecs. At the start of each game, you get a pistol and a gun that can be used to deal with enemies. When you progress further in-game, the enemies will drop newer and stronger weapons to provide you a slight advantage over the MuTecs.

Yet, this third-person Sci-Fi shooter game adds extra challenges. For example, when you first start playing you can only play until wave 3. Once you have completed this you will unlock wave 4 but you need to start over from the beginning in order to reach it. This brings a whole new level of engagement to the game because not only will you want to survive all the waves and unlock all of them, you also want to get a higher score so you climb higher up the rankings.

Another awesome feature that’s in the game is that you can play it in co-op multiplayer. Sometimes the game can be fairly difficult since health replenishment is limited so it can be good to have a friend around who can revive you once you are down or vice versa. The game is fun to be played solo but as is the case with most shooters, it’s always more fun to kill Sci-Fi creatures with a friend.

State of the game

Regain Earth: First Strike is currently available in Early Access on Steam, and it’s planned to fully release in the third quarter of 2021. The dev has already stated that after its full release he will continue to develop the game, give it more maps, enemies, weapons, etc.

While playing, the game gave me a good feeling overall. The shooting is accurate, and the graphics have something nostalgic reminding me of an old shooter which actually fits in perfectly with the Sci-Fi theme. The sound has a techno vibe with an atomtronic voice and this truly completes the picture. Of course, every now and then you’ll bump into a few things that aren’t (fully) optimized, for example, the MuTecs glitching when they’re running towards you. But keeping in mind that this is a solo project, Regain Earth: First Strike is already pretty good.


Regain Earth: First Strike is a good-looking game with some nice features. The wave and high-score system is something that is working perfectly and the different species of MuTecs are spot on. It’s a pleasure to play this game and the fact that you can play it with a friend in multiplayer is even better. If you love third-person shooters be sure to check this one out and support the working dev!