Eyes on the Weekend (12-13 June)

Eyes on the Weekend (12-13 June)

In Eyes on the Weekend we share what our LifeisXbox team has been playing, most of the times we have our hands full with review games. Some of those have embargo’s so we can’t always openly share what we are playing. What is interesting for us is to see what YOU have been playing! Be sure to let us know on social media! 🙂

Dae Jim | It rarely happens but I barely played games this weekend. The blame? EK 2020 and the E3 shows and damn! How great was the Xbox show! Really looking forward for the games that are releasing in 2021, with Forza Horizon 5 at the number one spot. So besides finishing Discolored and playing some Knockout City it was a quiet time for my Xbox Series X.

Robby (BloodyGoodReviews) | I was super excited to finally dive into the new DLC for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.  Episode Intermission adds new a new playable character, a look at the same events through different eyes, some very awesome combat and even some teasers for Part 2. I really had a blast and played through it twice in a row. The only strike against it being that you can finish it in ~3 hours.On Xbox, I played some more DIRT5 and Island Saver + I finally tried Knockout City. Pretty fun multiplayer concept, but I don’t see myself playing it past the free period. It certainly offers something new, but multiplayer only games rarely keep my attention for long.I think overall, I spent more hours watching E3  shows than actually playing games though. A lot of new things got announced and that’s a lot to process for people covering the games industry.

Rafael |

Alexis |

Mika | First of all I played Tandem A Tale Of Shadows, A really lovely puzzle platformer game sceduled for release somewhere in 2021, but we will have a preview soon! The rest of my free time I played League of Legends together with Xen and some alone. I’m learning how to be an ADC and I am really enjoying Lucian, Ezreal and Caitlynn at the moment! Can’t wait to unbench the kench with the new upcomming Tahm Kench rework tho~

VicciVulpix | Borderlands 3 dominated the majority of my weekend. Completed the main story with my Moze and I’m currently going through each of the DLC chapters. Iron Cub is a wonderful skill tree that has been added and I’m still playing around with different builds to work out what works best. Hoping to also return the Borderlands 1 & 2 afterwards. SMITE was interesting to say the least this weekend. Some of the builds and teams I’ve been getting have been questionable but I’ve still had fun nonetheless. Wanting to make my main roles Support and Solo as I’m currently finding mid a little frustrating. Finally, I played my review game, Outbreak: Endless Nightmares, and I’m hoping to have this review ready for you very soon. I need to confront some more zombies first.

Maui | I started playing Roguebook this weekend and damn, my love for deckbuilders / card games has had another boost. I can’t talk about this game yet though, but my review is coming up this week so stay tuned! I also played some more Weaving Tides, which is another beautiful game that I’m enjoying a lot! It’s unlike any other game I’ve ever played, so get ready for that review too this week! Besides this, I spent a little time in Bunny Factory, for which a duo review with none other than Alexis is coming up this week as well. And that was about it, the rest of the weekend was used for spending time with my boyfriend and catching up on some much needed sleep

Michael |
This weekend I didn’t play that much since I was feeling pretty bad, and it only got worse so I’ll be home sick all week. The time that I did manage to spend gaming, I played some Regain Earth: First Strike and Pro Cycling Manager 2021 of which the reviews will be online this week! Furthermore, I spent my weekend watching EURO 2020, GO Netherlands!

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Xendacine | This weekend was a little special.
Spent half a day renovating as per usual but that wasn’t a great thing. I played some Out of Line (a preview that is coming soon) and it is actually amazing story-wise. Usually, I don’t find them that interesting but this time it sure is!
When that moment was over, I moved on and played some League of Legends. Found a weird interest in playing Viego. Weird champion to be honest. Also went back to my roots, and played my old main: Zyra! Back to support, rooting people with my plants. (Enough plant jokes for now)
Also bought this game called: Operation Tango. And looking forward to playing that with Mikachu!
Oh, and did I mention we won in the EK football! Go Belgium! And more good news: Forza Horizon 5 is confirmed! Can’t wait to get my controller on that game! 

Orange Spark | I spent this weekend like many others before it, amongst the stars. In Elite Dangerous: Odyssey I’ve been scavenging stuff from small bases scattered on planets new and previously accessible. While I’m really enjoying the vistas some of the base personnel have enjoyed a plasma bolt in the back. I also finished the second DLC campaign in borderlands 3 with a friend. Let’s just say that Wainright and Hammerlocke’s wedding wasn’t exactly uneventful. Borderlands isn’t exactly where you expect to find Lovecraftian vibes, then again, neither did we expect to play D&D in its predecessor.