Preview: Keplerth

Preview: Keplerth

All the way back in April 2018, TARO released their new game Keplerth in Early Access. Two and a half years later, the game is still there. And it doesn’t seem like it will come out of Early Access anytime soon, since it’s not getting updates regularly. Anyhow, I’m still very excited to check this game out since it was a well-received game and the rating on Steam is very positive. In Keplerth, you wake up on a planet with almost nothing around you. There is a bit of story to follow but mostly you will just wander around, gather resources and build a base in order to survive. After you start playing you will quickly find out that you are not alone on this planet because there are a lot of strange creatures that also seem to call it ‘home’.

What’s the goal?

I already mentioned it a little bit but let’s talk about what you need to do in the game. When you start playing, you wake up on an unknown planet far from home without anything. Immediately after that, you will find a damaged robot who requires assistance because something bad has happened there and he asks if you can help him. This starts the main questline of the game (but no, I’m not going to spoil anything about it).

While playing, it’s your goal to gather resources, slay strange creatures, and survive. You can build your own house or stables to keep wild animals that you have managed to tame. It’s all up to the player and what (s)he decides to do and build.

How we feel about it

Well, this is an easy one since, to me, the game gives me a good feeling. First of all, Keplerth looks really good and I really love the graphical style that the developers used to design it. Second, the sound-effects are lovely. There sometimes is a music track playing in the background and it fits right in with the theme of the game. And when this is not playing, there are just these nature sounds such as birds chirping or the sound of crickets in the distance.

Also, the controls are very clear. The only thing is that sometimes they aren’t working really well but overall it’s good. What I personally really like were the different kinds of combat equipment that you can craft. You can craft a sword and a dagger for melee combat but you can also craft a bow and arrows, this variety is nice since during your play you can quickly change between the different weapons.


Keplerth is an exciting, promising, and lovely game. To me, it’s unclear why it is still in Early Access after all this time since the game is really good in its current state. And with the small number of updates it is getting, they could just put it out there. If you love survival games where you have a lot of freedom and are able to craft a lot of different things, be sure to check Keplerth out!