Preview: Cloud Meadow

Preview: Cloud Meadow

Well, hello there! Are you looking for a sexy farming simulator with a whole bulk load of the story attached behind it? And do you also want a turn-based combat system? Oh, and maybe you want RPG elements? Then I am pleased to tell you that you can experience all of the above right now by playing the Early Access version of Cloud Meadow made by Team Nimbus. But why would I be so optimistic about it, you might ask? Well, let me tell you about my time in this one of a kind Erotic Stardew Valley-like game!

How I spent my time

I found myself reading heaps and heaps of story in Cloud Meadow while admiring the custom artwork added to the game. Those who don’t want to see nude girls or big titties or don’t like gay aspects in their game can be turned off at the start. But if enabled, you are in for a treat. The game mixes a fair bit of sexy looking characters with a great storyline. After the story, you are mainly focused on developing a fantastic sky farm. Yet, this didn’t totally sell me. I found the controls annoying to use at most stages of the game. But the great-looking sex scenes made up for this downside. Once past all the erotic stages, I found myself exploring a specific dungeon style area where I had to take some of my characters through battles with multiple enemies. Here I found something I never expected: Turn-based combat, which DID NOT SUCK. I am not even joking here.

Usually, turn-based combat is annoying at best. But it was so intense and made me think quite tactical the whole time. The farm defense came later and also came in the form of more good feeling combat. After all the fighting was done, I was pleased to figure out that I could level up my characters in-game and make their abilities even better than what they were. Or upgrade their stats with items. This was some added depth that I didn’t expect from an erotic game. Usually, these are filled with titties and nothing else. Still, Cloud Meadow comes with unique feeling elements and a whole heap of story. Absolutely looking forward to what they will do to make that even better in the full game.

So is Cloud Meadow worth your time or money?

Cloud meadow shows an exceptional amount of unique elements that have me filled with great expectations for the full game release. Every scene, each bit of story, was well animated and navigated smoothly for the most part. Just the movement felt a bit weird. So do you want to experience one of the better Erotic story games with a not too excessive amount of teasing/sexy elements? Then I would highly recommend you check out the EA version of Cloud Meadow! Just add it to your game library and let us know if you felt the same way about this one of a kind storytelling Stardew Valley feeling game. So, in short, yeah, this is worth every penny!